The body ( and consequently the mind) is deeply affected by an individual’s lifestyle and how it is treated on a physical level. It can be undermined or optimised by so many of our daily choices and practices. Put in very simple terms the body is kept healthy by putting good stuff in and removing that which is not needed (waste) efficiently. As was touched on earlier when the body struggles, the power and clarity of the mind is compromised. I will look at this in more detail by discussing nutrition hydration and sleep.

Nutrition provides the body with fuel it needs to carry out the myriad of daily tasks required to just stay alive. One example is seen in the lungs. They are constantly removing the highly acidic metabolic waste product carbon dioxide, as well as other toxic gases from our highly polluted environments. This is just one act of the countless the body carries out that require energy. Good nutrition is a vital part of providing that energy. In an ideal world our food needs to provide us with 90 nutrients per day for optimal function, vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals. If it does not receive these in the right quantities the body moves into a survival mode acting under the threat of perceived malnourishment. In this mode it cuts corners which can affect every system (as they are all inextricably linked)   So if through lack of fuel the detoxification organs ( e.g. the colon or lymph glands) are not able to do their job properly they become blocked. Thus they are no longer able to keep the pathways for health clear . All health requires the adequate removal of waste, so if this is not done endotoxicity (poisoning of the system) ensues. The body then begins to reabsorb its own waste products leading to all kinds of health issues.