Our relationship with time is literally killing us…. The myth that going faster is somehow better is in fact corrupting the mind, body and spirit. Instead of our flames flickering like candles, gently expending our energy in beautiful, kind and harmonious ways, most of us are like raging infernos, consuming everything in our path and unfortunately consuming ourselves in the process too. The pace of modern life has deceived us into thinking that the quicker we go, the faster we’ll get there. But where are we actually going?  How can we get somewhere when most of us have no idea what the destination even is? The truth is, the rate at which most of us are moving almost certainly guarantees that we’ll never make it to a place where we can find contentment and equanimity.


The peace of mind, joy, contentment and sense of meaning and purpose we all crave is actually diminishing in the ‘heat’ of the frenetic lifestyles we have chosen.  Sadly, we are not driving our lives in the direction of our choices, we are being driven by the force of circumstance, down roads that lead us away from our ‘reasons for being’.  Most of us have no sense of who we are and why we’re here or what we should or could be doing… we have simply allowed the ‘rat-race’ to seduce us into pursuing the prescribed aims and objectives of a materialistic world.  In order to find our way back to ourselves and to discover our real meaning and purpose, we need to practice the art of slowing down and entering into the arms of stillness.  It is in her loving embrace that we can find the peace, clarity and joy that we seek.  (see: Still Time 1 & 2 and Less is More)





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