There is a chant growing and echoing around the planet that ‘we are the creators of our own realities’. Is this an absurd notion or does it reflect a deeper truth? Can we really create our own realities? What a wonderful concept if it were true. Are we truly this powerful?…Yes!


If you take a close look at your life you will see staring back at you the evidence of your substantial contribution to the way your life is unfolding. Your thoughts, moods, attitudes and actions in part dictate what life serves up each day and your responses to life’s unfolding, influences what will turn up tomorrow. If you’re really honest with yourself, you will see that so much of what you’re surrounded by is your own creation. The more you understand the cause and effect equation and your part in that process, the more you can become the creator of your own reality.


Every thought, word and action has a consequence, whether that’s emotional, biological, environmental or spiritual. If you take responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions then you can wear the title of creator comfortably. Understand however, that if you don’t take up this mantle of responsibility your power to participate in creation still exists, it’s just that your contribution will be haphazard and is likely to be negative and so the fruits that you reap will be likewise.


Entertain the following thought : I cannot always influence the events taking place around me but I can always choose how I respond. Take time to consider the depth of this point. Sit and reflect a while….. The more you delve into this statement, the more its truth will make itself known to you. We cannot always shape events to suit us. This is self evidently true when we look at our lives. However, the one thing we always have choice about is how we respond to what life presents us with. Once we really understand this concept we can then begin to create the reality of our choice (see: Define or Be Defined). This is what invocation is all about….choosing to exercise choice.


Invocation is the art of constructing the reality of your choice first of all in your mind. That which you can conceive in your thoughts, you can make real in your life. You do have a say in how the events in your life unfold. Remember you are the major shareholder in your life. Exercise your rights, but understand that with rights come responsibilities. Don’t just allow life to ‘happen’ to you. Decide on the kind of life that you want and spend time invoking it. In other words, see it on the screen of your mind again and again (see: Creative Visualisation on the resources page). The more you exercise this choice the more you will shape your reality. By crafting your thoughts in this way you will create inner peace and joy. Invocation doesn’t mean getting what you want on demand, it means creating the reality of your choice in your mind and by giving out the right energy you will attract abundance and good fortune. It is a process of practice, patience and time. This is a wonderful tool that you should use time and time again. It will assist you in every area of your life. It will offer you solutions when there appear to be none. It will provide you with peace of mind when you are sad or disturbed. It is a wonderful antidote, a healing ointment, apply it often and the ‘sickness’ (doubt, fear, anger etc.) of the mind will soon be healed.


Before you can experience the magic of invocation you must know what you want! The biggest reason people fail to achieve peace of mind and happiness is they haven’t worked out what they really want. They set out on a path and pursue goals that fit the social and cultural norms without ever asking the question ‘is this the song that my heart is singing’. By being still and practicing listening you will hear the songs of your heart. Then you can spend time every day ‘reeling’ in your dreams.


The more you apply a ‘trance-like’ focus to those dreams the more they will become yours. Invocation is the intense, daily focus on your ‘ideal reality’. Sit and watch it on the cinema screen of your mind and patiently wait for the countless surprises.


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