The N.O.S.E. series is based on the simple premise that anything we haven’t truly resolved continues to define and drive our lives.  There is much talk about living in the now, which of course is where we ought to be living because the now is the only thing that matters, it is the only place where we have any real influence  The past has gone and cannot be changed, the future stands before us waiting to be crafted by the decisions and choices we make in the moment and so to live anywhere else but the now, is to miss out on our reason for being, our destiny.

With all this in mind we cannot truly live in the present whilst we carry the weight of our unresolved issues as they will continue to influence and shape our perceptions, moods, attitudes and choices. This is why the journey of N.O.S.E. invites us to name, own and then surrender our unresolved hurts and take a  journey of forgiveness, because only then does empowerment await us.  Whilst we deny that which still requires our attention, we are merely living ‘re-cylced pasts’ – as the past will keep turning up in the present moment, dressed up as the now.  This diagram is a visual aid best understood when you also read the N.O.S.E series. To discover more please click here