“The farther backward you can look the farther forward you are likely to see”

Sir Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965)




It is difficult to take the vast subject of personal transformation and conceptualize it into small manageable parcels. However, within the acronym N.O.S.E. we have attempted to do just that. If the person is able to grasp the point of the journey stretching out before them and can see how the destination can be reached, there is no greater propeller for their progress. N.O.S.E. offers the clarity most people are looking for in an attempt to find their own solution. So, let us define exactly what N.O.S.E. means.


Name ‘it’ : The journey of personal transformation is not possible until one has defined what it is that is blocking one’s path. Until you have named your demon, your shortcoming, your sickness, it will continue to have power over you. In fact, the reason why most people are unable to break out of their negative loop is because they have not yet named what ails them. For example, if you think your problem is anger when it is in fact fear, whatever interventions you make to overturn your anger may well deliver short-term benefits but are unlikely to offer a sustainable solution. In other words, if you do not trace (which for many will require help) the previous incarnations of your anger you will simply be treating the symptom and not the cause, leaving your fear to continue transmutating and deceiving you under its different guises. So, the first step along the path of positive change is to name ‘it’, i.e.: pain, hurt, anger, fear, shame etc. (see handout Name ‘It’ – below).


Own ‘it’ : Having named your ailment, the next critical step is to own it (embrace it). Far too many of us engage in non-ownership activities, i.e. : justification, denial, pretence and blame. All these activities allow us to continue deceiving ourselves. In other words we do not take responsibility for who we are or where we find ourselves, which in turn means we are denied a solution. To own your ‘stuff’ in whatever shape or form it exists is an extremely courageous act. This is why the dividends are enormous. Once you own your pain, fear, anger etc. the realizations, the awakening inside, is life-changing. Instead of drowning in feelings of blame, shame and guilt etc. you are able to see, probably for the first time, beyond your sickness and witness your true beauty and worth and with that the possibility of a better tomorrow (see handout Own ‘It’ – below).


Surrender ‘it’ :To truly surrender something, which in this context means letting go, is only really possible when you’ve accurately named it and fully owned it. These two processes will give you real power over your ailments, issues and concerns. The naming and owning ceremonies make it possible for you to cut the negative ties that you have with your ‘stuff’. To surrender means to disassociate yourself from attitudes, behaviour and moods that no longer reflect who you are and your aspirations. It is a conscious detachment from those things that burden your spirit. It’s achieved primarily through the practice of forgiveness and gratitude (see handouts on Forgiveness) and (The Power of Thank You) both of which are difficult to carry out with any success until the ‘truth’ about your condition has been honestly faced. When the ‘non-ownership’ activities have been put to one side and the ‘truth’ has been embraced, surrender becomes easy (see Surrender ‘It – below’).


Empowerment : To surrender unblocks the pathways in the mind. Disease is a state where the organism (the body and the mind) is unable to express its energy freely. This leads to disharmony and malfunction. Health, on the other hand, is the state where the organism’s energy flows without restriction, expressing its power and potential in an optimal way. This is what happens when we let go. The mind is able to fully express its boundless energy and enthusiasm for life. Empowerment is not something we have to strive for, it’s the natural consequence of surrender. Once your blockages are removed your true value, meaning and purpose become clear. With naming, owning and surrendering you are automatically empowered which means you’re able to fully embrace life and express your truth (see handout Empowerment –  below).



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