Firstly, we have no desire to recruit individuals to our cause or point of view. We believe each one of us needs to find our own way. Our primary objective is to increase the options that individuals have to improve themselves – enabling them to make more informed choices about their life journey and desired destination.


What we offer at Reach is much more than counselling. We offer what could be described as ‘psycho-education’ – which means in addition to the therapeutic process, we provide via a number of media, resources that can help deepen the understanding of the human condition. Our model is built on substantial clinical experience, tried and tested methods, client-feedback and extensive research.  We do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach, to mental and physical health, which is why we’ve taken time and great care to create a synergistic model (see: The Story of Health), a model that is not dogmatically wedded to a single ideology or methodology – but is far-reaching, inclusive and embraces numerous ways of viewing what it means to be human.


We passionately believe that ‘truth’ in all its guises can be found within many schools of thought, philosophies and modalities… and that the real skill is finding the points of convergence – where for example, science meets spirituality; where often opposing religious practices and traditions share common values and principles; and where past ways of viewing the world actually help underpin present day thinking. This spirit of convergence and cooperation is beginning to be taken seriously in fields that are not always naturally aligned.


For example, the fields of science and sociology are beginning to understand and in some quarters accept that it’s not nature versus nurture – this is an outdated paradigm. It’s nature plus nurture that best explains human propensities and behaviour.  Equally, as neurotheology and the noetic sciences are illustrating, it’s not science vs spirituality; it’s where science meets spirituality that some of the most exciting discoveries are taking place, especially at the quantum level.


If we would only spend more time looking for the connections rather than championing the differences, we would begin to see a different picture emerging. Sadly, many conflicts and battles have been conceived out of the differences, which have then become divisions. As a result the things that actually unite us have been lost amidst these tensions.  In the process we have become more separate and isolationist in our thinking and actions, which is increasingly reflected in our families, communities and the world.


At Reach we have spent the last four decades swimming against this tide of difference and division – we’ve found that where you can facilitate communication between seemingly opposing ideologies and develop the habit of listening, you discover there is much more that binds us than divides us. And when we focus on those connections, the differences begin to fall away and the ignorance supporting the division fades – and so a new conversation begins.


The Reach Approach offers those that are interested a beautiful, diverse, colourful buffet where anyone can come and take what they like… and eat to their heart’s content. However, you’ll never be asked or expected to consume something that does not suit your palate.  We don’t apologise for the certainty with which we promote our approach and methodology.  This is a carefully curated merger between psychology and biology, science and spirituality, philosophy and religion, modernity and antiquity… because we know from all the experience we’ve gathered that what we’ve created works – as we see the fruits of this in our practice every day.


There is an important declaration that should be made at this point, which is the sustainable solutions that we promote are only available to those who are prepared to make the necessary effort. We don’t make false promises. Positive change requires commitment to oneself and consistent application of certain core principles.  So, what you can expect from us is clarity – a clear map and a compass. We’ve produced a plethora of audio-visual and written resources to support those who are on the ‘journey of becoming’ and we believe that it is in part through psycho-education that many of our emotional and psychological ailments can be healed. Self-knowledge gives access to real power.


If you’re interested in increasing your self-awareness, resolving old patterns and past issues, improving your relationships, changing your negative self-talk, enhancing your self-confidence, making your mind a safe haven – a sanctuary of peace, then we certainly can offer you the tools to do this and much more.  To find out more about synergy and how you might be able to achieve this in your life, please contact us and we’ll direct you to the most suitable resources and/or therapist to help address your needs.


An Overview of Our Services

* One-to-one counselling and psychotherapy

* Group work

* Personal development workshops

* Clinical supervision for professionals

* Accredited postgraduate training

* Couple work

* Family therapy

* Nutritional guidance and advice

* Personal development resources

Online – training, therapy and supervision

* Coaching Plus