Most of us, if we search our hearts, would find that we are waiting for some miracle to happen, something that will come and make all that is wrong with our lives change and go away. We all at some point in our lives have pain, discomfort, fear, anger or some negative energy that disables us and at that point in time we most want a miracle to appear on the horizon. Miracles are Made is about understanding how we can make miracles happen and that miracles are not the property of a fortunate few. In fact we all have the power to make miracles. First of all however, we have to stop waiting for one and understand the formula for creating one.


Making miracles relates to the laws of metaphysics (see: Metaphysics 1 and 2). It’s about understanding that we live in a world of cause and effect and that what we see unfolding around us is more than a game of chance and though we may not be able to trace every effect back to its cause this is only because of the multiplicity and vastness of the cause and effect process. If you were to understand that every action performed has a consequence and that consequence always matches the original nature (intention) of the action, then you would begin to appreciate how enormous the web of cause and effect is.


Think of how many actions you perform in the course of any one day and then multiply that by the actions of others and multiply that by all the different cultures, societies, countries and continents, what you have is an almost unimaginable number of actions and consequences. It is because we don’t understand this vast equation that most of what we see unfolding in front of us appears to be a mystery when in fact there is no mystery at all. What unfolds in front of us is the cause and consequence dynamic but to truly comprehend it takes an open mind and the practice of patience and stillness. Once we can understand that to every action there is indeed a reaction we have the basis for making miracles at our fingertips. The biggest factor in shaping the consequences that turn up in our lives is the nature of our intentions. Our intention is the magical ingredient.


So in order to make miracles in your own life, you need to start by trying to live in the most noble way that you can. This isn’t about sainthood, although that may follow (smile), this is about honouring your own truth, living your life in the kindest way, a way that is caring and compassionate and considers others. Living your life more thoughtfully, doing only unto others that which you would be happy to have done unto you. By changing the foundation of your life in this way you generate the power to make miracles. It’s difficult to create wonders in your life when your life is riddled with contradictions and hypocrisy. The starting place for creating magic in your life is to live in a more honourable way, being true to yourself and your principles and treating others with love and respect. Then focusing on what you want in your life (see: Focusing with Faith) not only becomes easy and increasingly natural, what you want in your life is bound by the laws of cause and effect to come into your life.


Miracles are Made is about understanding that if we work with the laws of cause and effect and understand that every action does indeed have consequences, then those laws are bound to deliver the treasure trove of our desires and ambitions because that is the law. The law works both ways. When I think lowly of myself and sit in the cess pit of negative beliefs, recycling shame and guilt, shackled by fear and doubt, I can only create a future that looks like that. Equally when I treat people badly, withholding the love and respect that I myself ache for and they too deserve, then sooner or later the way that I have behaved comes and seeks me out and will find me in some form or another. It’s time to embrace the metaphysical principles of life and then life will positively embrace you. Understand miracles are made through the choices that you make, through the decisions you take. Start from now to live your life in the noblist way you can. Honour your heart and do not hurt the hearts of others. Pursue your dreams but not at the expense of anyone else. Gather knowledge and through application make it wisdom. Focus with faith on where it is you most want to be and only then will miracles be made!


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