The research around water is wide and varied and subject to your points of reference there are different statistics and estimations that relate to its role, importance and performance.  Despite these variations in percentages and statistical analyises, what is unquestionably agreed is that water is the most important thing we will ever put into our bodies.  Water is the most important of the nutrients that we need and yet this is not reflected in our choices and our actions.  Water is involved in every function of the body – digestion, absorbtion, distribution, circulation, excretion etc. It really is the unsung hero.  It is for this reason we need to celebrate it and start co-operating in its vital role in our health.


What the research is clearly showing us is that water is not just implicated in our physical functions but also our cognitive abilities are affected by the absence or presence of water.  Some research shows that a 2-5% reduction can cause up to a 30% reduction in our cognitive function such as: memory, concentration, analysis of data; our attitude and temperament are also impaired by any shortage of water. Other research shows that the reduction can be as much as 50%!  This is why, with our approach, water has always been and will always be an underpinning factor.  How can an organism that is predominantly made of water, not take water seriously?


The more we understand that our brains are largely water, the more we’ll understand that water affects our mental health.  Its impact is felt in three areas in particular, best described as the 3 Ps.  These are: perception, personality and performance. Once water is diminished in the system, the way you perceive your reality is altered.  That distortion in your perception impacts on your personality i.e. the way you feel about yourself and your temperament.  Both are realigned.  This in turn undermines performance, your ability to act in accordance with your potential is reduced to such an extent that it’s not possible to be your best.  If you find yourself falling short in your life, we think you’ll be surprised how much water can make a difference….





Water, the magical nutrient……



Some more insight into the role and importance of water at every level in our lives….



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