Modernity and progress have created a less patient and more demanding world (see: Science the New God?), a world in which we all expect more for less. Our scientific endeavour and investigation have offered us greater insight about the world we live in and yet we appear to be blinder than before. We understand more about the principles and the laws of the universe and yet although we apply them to everything around us we behave as if we are immune to their effects. Our greater knowledge has fed our egos in such away that instead of becoming more humble, kind and wise, we’ve become more arrogant, selfish and short-sighted. It is these negative attributes and the ignorance they foster that have prevented us from seeing the obvious. The truth is staring us in the face… It is time to open our eyes but more particularly our ears! (see: Listening In 1 & 2).


Developments in neuroscience and epigenetics are underlining again and again that we are beings of boundless possibilities; we are only really limited by the shackles of our beliefs and past conditioning. If we examine the latest research in cellular biology, that is: each gene has approximately 30,000 possible permutations which means that in fact each gene offers countless possibilities then it becomes clear that we are not tied to a genetic destiny. The idea that there is a gene for this or that is flawed as it leads us to believe that any given gene we may have binds us to a single particular outcome. Do the research for yourself and you will see that this may be the more prevalent and popular view but it simply is not true! Each gene has thousands of possibilities and which one materialises is dependent on our relationship with the environment. By environment we mean: our relationships with others, our thoughts and feelings, what we eat and drink, our exposure to pollution and the decisions and choices we make in these areas. So as we come to understand we are not helplessly tied to a pre-determined genetic destiny we also come to realise the tremendous say and power we have over our lives. It is time to exercise that power … How?


Well, start by understanding if you are unhappy with your life you are contributing to your own discord and unhappiness. Until you can accept this you will continue to blame others or external factors for your situation which will simply keep you nailed to your current position. Positive change begins with facing the truth about yourself with kindness and compassion (see: Change Through Compassion). You can’t fix something until you accept it is broken. The more we cover up, defend and justify our position, the less change is available to us and so of course the self-limiting idea that there is no way out becomes true. We are all living self-fulfilling prophecies; unfortunately some of us are already living in hell, whist a few live in heaven. Einstein said, “whatever you think you are right” and the fields of quantum physics and neuro-psychology are proving this to be true. So if I believe in the infinite possibilities that reside in me surely my life will move in that direction? Identify what needs to change and proceed to resolve it without fear and with kindness. Identify what support and interventions are needed and pursue them relentlessly.


The more you think the right thoughts, act in accordance with your humanity and conscience, and treat others as you want to be treated, the more you build a myriad of neuronal pathways and connections in the brain that guarantee to make it easier to move in that direction the next time. We know that we are driven by our habits and patterns so why not make good habits and patterns that will enable you to fulfill your potential. We have all heard that practice makes perfect, which we do not dispute, but we think ‘practise makes permanent’ comes first. In other words that change you want in your life is there for the taking but you need to earn it, you need to create it (see: Routine is Power). Remember … repetition is the key. So identify the right things and apply them in your life; stop waiting for a miracle and go and create one!


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