Jack Shapter is a remarkable young man, who initially approached us because of his interest in cognitive neuroscience and the role of the brain in human health and personal development.  Although not entirely sure of the direction he wanted to take, he was clear that he wanted to study subjects related to this area so that he might go on to be involved in research that would help us better understand the human condition.

We thought it would be a great idea to nurture this interest by asking Jack to present our messages in ways that might be easier to digest for the younger people we know are interested in our work.  And so, Jack’s Corner was born.

Jack is a highly intelligent, capable and well-balanced teenager, who reallizes that positive change begins by providing individuals with the information that enables them to make better choices.  And so he was very keen to embark on this adventure and we are proud to have him as a member of our team.  We are sure that this opportunity will both help him to fulfill his potential and encourage other teenagers and young adults to take a closer look at those things they can do to improve their reality.

We hope you enjoy this section as it develops.  Please spread the word…


Let’s hear what Jack has to say…

When I first approached Reach looking for a placement, I never in my wildest dreams expected they would offer me the opportunities that they have.

As a student in a sixth form college, being offered an internship, I thought I might just be allowed to attend meetings and workshops, listening to some of the amazing work Reach does, or maybe read some of the fantastic articles and resources Reach has produced and check them for errors and other minor tasks.

However, when I was asked if I wanted to produce my own work for Reach in the form of presentations and articles, I was absolutely astounded. I currently study biology, chemistry and psychology and hope to go on to study subjects related to these sciences at university. The opportunity Reach has given me, by allowing me to do this work, is unbelievable and I’m still in a bit of a daze!

I’m not only thinking about myself in terms of this wonderful opportunity. I see it as a vehicle to reach out (if you’ll pardon the pun) to a younger audience who might be bemused, even confused, by some of the complex ideas that Reach might introduce them to, such as: nutrigenomics or psychoneuroimmunology. I hope through my presentations and summaries to be able to get the Reach message across in a way that’s more accessible to the younger mind.

If, through Jack’s Corner, I am able to spark an interest in just one individual who might decide they want to go on to study or specialise in a certain area just because they read my work, that would make it all worth it… of course I hope many more will be inspired.

Jack Shapter