Could it be that what we are witnessing in this experiment is an awareness, an ‘inner knowing’ that ‘thinks’ before we are actually conscious of those thoughts and decisions? In other words, there is a consciousness, based on familial inheritances, past experiences, habits and other learning, that is thinking and feeling before we are consciously aware and act on its promptings. A higher self, which is a level of consciousness that transcends the ordinary and mundane.


It seems that this explanation is certainly as credible as the one offered in this video. The suggestion here is the mind and the brain are essentially two physical aspects not operating in opposition to one another but in unison, which is of course possible. However, our proposal is that the metaphysical mind is aware and thinking before the physical brain actually processes that data. So what can be seen on the MRI scan is the physical consequences of the mind’s subtle activity. The delay represents the time between the mind being aware and the decision being processed by the brain. We are certainly not looking for any agreement here, merely offering  what we believe is valuable food for thought. In the end it is important that you make up your own mind…



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