Everything in nature works optimally when there is balance.  Without balance there’s ill health and disease.  Without balance there’s inequality and conflict.  Without balance there are natural disasters and suffering.  We literally need balance for there to be order and peace.


Our brains are wonderful exhibitions of this principle. Our left hemisphere is bound up with logic and the mathematical intricacies of life – the ‘how it works’ dynamic.  It’s also concerned with the past and the future, and planning in accordance with the data it has gathered.  This aspect is often seen as more male and so associated with men, even though the brain is more complex than the gender labels we ascribe to its functioning.  The right hemisphere is more concerned with creativity, imagination, abstract thinking and emotion.  Its relationship to time is about the ‘now’, the present moment is its preoccupation.  The right hemisphere is considered to be the more female aspect of the brain and therefore associated with women.  We are all considered to be dominated by one hemisphere more than the other.


We believe that the journey of humanity is about moving towards balance and equality in all areas.  it is not the function of the brain to be working in a fragmented way.  Our job is to make it whole.  That’s the journey each of us is taking in our own way – whether we know it or not, we’re always striving to be whole and well.  The corpus callosum, the 250 million axonal fibres that connect the hemispheres, exists so that the data and experience gathered by both hemispheres can be shared, in order that the human experience is more complete and we are made whole.  For us, this is what all personal and spiritual development is about – the bringing together of all aspects of our experience for the betterment of the self and the world.


We need the equivalent alliance to take place between male and female.  Just as the brain needs to be made whole for the human being to be well, men and women need to come together in order to create communities, societies and a planet that is whole and functional, where we can all thrive.  The ‘HeForShe‘ movement is attempting to both encourage dialogue on this topic and galvanize our will and action to create a better world.  We believe it’s worthy of your time and attention becasue until men and women stand together and speak with one voice, we are unlikely to create a world that better serves us all.


Decide for yourself….


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