“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you’re doing the impossible!”.

St. Francis of Assisi (1181 – 1226)



Who Are We…?

Reach is a private practice with a national and international reputation. Our headquarters are in Birmingham (UK).  We are an experienced team of accredited counsellors, psychotherapists, and naturopaths. In addition, we have practitioners who have knowledge, training, experience and relevant qualifications in management, supervision, diet and nutrition, hypnotherapy, meditation, transpersonal psychology and other alternative and complementary disciplines.


Every member of the team has undergone his/her own therapy and has an ongoing commitment to personal development. We have, as individuals, faced and continue to face our own inadequacies and shortcomings and so we have more than a theoretical appreciation of the challenges involved in facing fear and addressing personal limitations. Our continued work on ourselves enables us to offer the necessary empathy, respect and sensitivity which helps our clients find their own solutions.  To find out more….



What Do We Do…?

The focus of our work is personal empowerment. We have an holistic philosophy, which means we embrace the psychological, emotional, spiritual, social and physical aspects of the human condition. We believe the evidence of being human clearly illustrates the limitations of separating the functions of mind and body as they are inextricably linked and therefore what affects one undoubtedly affects the other. So when looking at our clients’ concerns we focus on those factors that help to restore balance and stability to the individual, such as: diet and nutrition, working with subconscious drives and other emotional/psychological influences, as well as a variety of environmental and lifestyle factors. We have a very clear, flexible model and approach that enables us to respond effectively to a multitude of issues e.g. various addictions, relationship difficulties, poor self-image, depression, lack of direction or purpose, anxieties, stress, phobias etc.  To find out more…



Mission Statement

The name Reach conveys our primary objective, which is to help individuals ‘reach’ their potential and fulfill their life’s purpose. In addition, we strive to reach those who are not effectively catered for by the various services available in the community. We are committed to valuing and respecting difference; treating all individuals regardless of class, gender, race, culture, belief, ability and background with the humanity and respect that they deserve. For us, equal opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice is a right that we afford all our clients, it is not merely a policy statement.  To find out more…




As a private practice we obviously need to charge for our services to ensure we remain viable. We do however offer many of our additional resources free of charge.  We believe these services should be made available to all who need them, so we do our best to accommodate all those in need of our help. We aim to reach as many people as we can and so we choose to operate a flexible system around cost. Our experience has been that when you are flexible in this way people respect this approach and therefore they do not seek to exploit it. To avoid any awkwardness or embarrassment you can discuss this matter with one of the therapists before your first meeting.  To find out more…



What We Offer

We offer: one to one counselling, couple and family therapy, group work, personal development workshops, counselling training and clinical supervision. In all our work we use a variety of materials and resources because our experience clearly shows that counselling and therapy is most effective when individuals have access to tools that can support their personal growth. As a result we have produced a variety of written, audiovisual and digital materials that form part of the therapeutic journey and enable our clients to fulfill their potential. At Reach we believe that the more clients are informed about their journey the more their alliance to the process increases. It encourages them to become active participants in the creation of their own solution.  To find out more…



Trademarks – 2009 (UK) and 2023 (EU)

The name Reach is now a registered trademark, both in the UK and across Europe.  Our registration applies to the work we do in all aspects of mental health and personal development.  This offers legal protection to all our intellectual property, which includes our model, methods, resources (written, digital and audiovisual) and any other physical products that bear our trademark. The reason we acquired a trademark for our work and products is although we are very happy for our materials and resources to be used for the benefit of all, there have sadly been some misuses and misrepresentations of our name and our work over the last 30+ years. It is for this reason that we sought legal protection.


This will not change our philosophy and approach – we will continue to make the majority of the things we produce freely accessible to all. We also want those products and services, where we do charge a modest fee, to continue to be used in beneficial ways by third parties. However, we now reserve the right within law to deal with any abuses and misrepresentations as is appropriate. Obviously we hope such instances will be rare and therefore it will not be necessary to enforce trademark law.  To find out more…




To find out more about all our services please ring the general enquiries number: 0121 769 0321 or email us at: