We are very happy to welcome Marion to The Reach Network.


Marion is a highly qualified, experienced and award-winning psychologist.  She brings to the Reach family great commitment and passion for the work she undertakes with those looking to improve their lives and resolve a range of issues.   Marion undertook her personal journey with Reach with great courage, facing her own demons and emerging from the experience wholeheartedly embracing an holistic and synergistic approach to mental, physical and spiritual health.


Marion co-runs her own organisation (RESET), offering a mind-body approach to mental health, where she combines her clinical expertise and experience with the benefits of her personal journey.  For those of you looking for a sensitive, empathic, and insightful approach to the human condition… you need look no further.




Let’s hear what Marion has to say…


I am a qualified clinical and counselling psychologist, with more than 20 years’ experience working in a wide range of settings and with a variety of psychology-related issues (i.e. acute mental health conditions, personality disorders, addiction, eating disorders, stress/anxiety, anger management, emotional regulation, etc.).



I started my ‘REACH Journey’ in 2017 and have never looked back since: The Reach Approach has profoundly changed my life and has made me a better psychologist and a better person!



Following this change, I left the NHS/private healthcare to create the RESET model along with my business partner, the athlete and strength coach Alex Broadbent.



The RESET model is a radically new therapeutic approach that combines talking therapy with somatic interventions such as breathwork, strength training and movements.  This model is currently adopted by NHS trusts, the University of Birmingham, Changes UK and others.



My goal is to support my clients in improving their physical and mental abilities, achieving their goals, and conquering their fears/anxieties – helping them to experience deep inner peace, improve their lifestyle and learn new ways of thinking and behaving.




Email: marionwachet@resetpsychology.co.uk

Tel: 07983103274