Hayley has demonstrated throughout her journey, a great love, passion and commitment to The Reach Approach, probably because it saved her life.   It’s always interesting to note that those who have taken the journey themselves have a depth of understanding and loyalty to the approach, which converts into how they work with others who are interested in life-long solutions.  This is why Hayley was invited to become an associate of Reach.



Hayley is highly intelligent, warm, sensitive and conscientious, and her artistic tendencies and skills are reflected in the creative ways in which she is able to help and support others.  She demonstrated throughout the HIP course that she had an excellent understanding of the various disciplines and areas of study, and how synergy works in action… and that our ‘knowledge plus application = personal power’ maxim is the key to success.



Anyone who is fortunate enough to take the journey with Hayley will experience her creative intelligence, passion and enthusiasm, as well as her knowledge and insight.  She is indeed a very capable and  safe pair of hands.



Let’s hear what Hayley has to say…


I’ve had a fascination with the human psyche and mind-body approaches to treating human health for as long as I can remember. Even in my teens, I would devour psychology and wellness books and muse about mindfulness with my father who worked as a clinical psychologist.



I have an MSc and PhD in psychology and have worked as a researcher in the fields of health, developmental and music psychology for several years. However, during my academic training I felt inspired to serve others in a more intimate and therapeutic role, and so I began to pursue a rewarding and enriching path of recovery coaching and counselling alongside the academic work.



A friend recommended the Reach Approach to me at a time of personal crisis, and as soon as I cast eyes on the Reach website, I knew that this special organisation was going to be part of my life in a significant way.



The Reach Approach’s therapeutic process profoundly changed my life. The powerful combination of synergy, messages of empowerment, and practical strategies inspired me to enrol on Reach’s Holistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (HIP) course so that I could share the Reach framework and make a difference in people’s lives.



My passion is to empower others to live consciously, to fulfil their purpose and live their best lives possible through offering compassionate guidance and a holistic approach to achieving long-lasting solutions.



If you would like to get in touch, you can contact me at trowerhayley@gmail.com or phone 07863549580.