Alison Sutton is a highly valued associate of Reach. She has quite a unique background and with that a unique set of skills. We would highly endorse not only her counselling/psychotherapeutic work but also her training experience. She is a skilled educator and has put together a number of unique packages, which she has successfully delivered nationwide. Her profile speaks for itself…..

Alison Sutton – RN, MSc Advanced Nursing Practice, Postgraduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy
Alison set up Athene Education and Counselling in 2003, following many years working as a nurse and counsellor within the health service. For over twelve years, her clinical work has been overseen and supervised by Reach Counselling and Psychotherapy. She is now affiliated to Reach and embraces the Reach philosophy and approach. This approach is built on the principle that when mind, body, spirit and environment work together they produce a state of health and happiness and when there is disharmony between these four aspects, the result is illness and distress.
Having previously worked as a specialist nurse in sexual health and HIV, as a GP practice nurse and as a gynaecology theatre sister, Alison has a wide knowledge and experience of both psychological and physical problems and issues in these areas. In addition she has undertaken bereavement counselling training. As an Associate of Reach, Alison has undertaken her own psychotherapeutic journey of self-examination and personal discovery, gaining deeper understanding and empathy for others in need.
Given Alison’s experience in a number of environments and settings, she and her team have come to realise that many of the problems individuals bring to counselling/psychotherapy have a common theme of bereavement and loss; such as being a victim of crime or an accident, job loss whether through retirement or redundancy, issues of low self esteem and many other life events. Athene Education specialises in counselling and psychotherapy related to:-
  • Bereavement and loss – through life events and crises, as well as through death and illness
  • Baby loss – through miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death, ectopic pregnancy or termination – affecting women and their partners and other family members
  • Sexual infections and HIV
  • Sexuality and sexual orientation issues – affecting the individual, their partners or any family member
  • Other sexual health and gynaecology problems.
If you are interested in Athene Education’s services, please contact Alison on :
07789 322 771 or 01568610294