We are very happy that Marisa is one of our most senior associates and endorse her and her work wholeheartedly.


Marisa has been a long-time friend of Reach and like all the therapists we endorse, she has taken her own personal journey with great commitment and courage.  She has had to overcome a range of personal challenges which makes her the ideal companion for those who are struggling on their own paths.  Marisa knows what it takes to look one’s demons in the eyes, and so you can be sure you will have found a faithful ally in her.


She is very passionate about the holistic way of working as she has experienced first-hand its immense value in her own life – and as a result can help those who are seeking resolution and positive change.


Marisa is an extremely warm, empathic and compassionate individual and therapist.  She is knowledgeable, experienced and highly skilled, and we unreservedly commend her to you.


Here is what Marisa has to say… 

I feel very fortunate to have been on the counselling/psychotherapy path for more than 15 years. It has been a fascinating, enlightening journey.


Having my own therapy gave me the self-knowledge, the confidence and the space to overcome some of my own issues as well as the tools and the loving support to face some tough life challenges. Working as a counsellor to help others find their way to happiness, congruence and peace of mind feels to me like a great privilege and is terribly rewarding.


What coming into contact with Reach has added to that experience is immense because of the nature of the approach: the Holistic aspect. Mind, Body and Spirit are all linked and intertwined and to heal one of the three, the other two need to also be addressed. I strongly believe in that link and also that there isn’t only one way to address pain and emotional suffering – in my experience the combination of interventions to suit the particular person delivers the greatest results – all of it in a safe space of empathy, warmth, acceptance, honesty and compassion.


The component often neglected when addressing the mind-body-spirit dynamic is ‘environment’ and the appreciation of this aspect has added a whole new dimension to my work, helping me to better understand that without also addressing the environment sustainable wellbeing remains out of reach.


After having my own therapy with Jo I was accepted onto the Reach postgraduate training course as I was keen to help others in the way I had been helped. I work with the Reach Approach and I am passionate about my work and about practising in this particular way.


I work with individuals suffering with a range of issues including: depression, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, anger, OCD, PTSD, addiction, separation, bereavement, illness, poor self-esteem, eating disorders and those who want to better understand the meaning and purpose of their lives.


I am an experienced and qualified counsellor and have successfully completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Holistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (HIP) with Reach.


I am based in South West London (SW11 and SW17).

Please call: 07980305882 or email me at: or have a look at my website: if you want to find out more or have any questions or would like to make an appointment.