Hi my name is Janet and I am a qualified counsellor with Renew Counselling. At Renew Counselling we practice using an Integrative approach to Counselling and Psychotherapy. The term Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy means that we have studied various approaches to therapy which we use in our treatment of our clients. For example some of the approaches we use in treating our clients are: cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), person centred, psychodynamic (this is about helping clients explore their past experiences and relationships in order to discover where things may have gone off track, but also to identify a person’s strengths). We are also big believers in the eastern philosophies and approaches to health and wellbeing (such as mindfulness) and we truly believe in a holistic approach to therapy.

Working in a holistic way is important to us as it is our aim to provide therapy that can support our clients in their future journeys, meaning they are less likely to be continually seeking therapy once our journey together has ended.

Our approach to healing is one of compassion, understanding, building on existing strengths and resources (even if you are, initially, unable to recognise these strengths) and developing new resources that you can utilise on the journey ahead.

We recognise that undertaking counselling can be a very challenging experience: you will possibly be opening up old wounds and you will certainly begin to walk a new path which will look and feel different to the path you may have walked for some time. The path you are used to is known to you- every lump, bump, crack, it may not always feel comfortable, but it is familiar! Counselling will challenge you to walk a new and unfamiliar path, but every step you have the courage to take will bring you closer to your goals. To find out more please click here