Stuart Morris is a long standing friend of Reach – who over many years underwent his own personal journey with us. It is because of the great honesty, courage and integrity that he showed, when facing his own demons, that we can confidently vouch for his personal qualities and attributes.


Since completing his journey we have continued to work collaboratively on many personal growth projects, because of our shared philosophy. This is also why we have no hesitation in endorsing his experience, knowledge and wonderful skills. Stuart is a very passionate and gifted practitioner and over the last 5 years has been heading up the award winning Holistic Centre in Birmingham.  So if you’re looking for someone who’s done the work and continues to practise what they preach, then look no further!


Read Stuart’s own introduction…

My name is Stuart Morris and I’m a holistic therapist and the Director of Birmingham Holistic Health Centre and for the last 25 years I have helped 1000’s of people overcome every conceivable health issue from anxiety to cancer.


I have recently begun to introduce into my practice a wonderful form of hypnotherapy that taps into your inner knowledge, your inner wisdom and the pharmacy of positive chemicals naturally produced as a by-product of changing your beliefs at a subconscious level – producing feelgood chemicals such as serotonin, oxytocinin, dopamine and endorphins in a natural way, helping you to feel happy, joyful and alive!


My form of hypnotherapy works alongside what nature has instilled in each us, the ability to choose the way we interpret life’s events from the standpoint of a relaxed mind and because of that it is unique. I can help you to live from that space using this form of hypnotherapy and reshape your outlook on life for the better.


I can also help take away your anxiety, depression and fears and do this in such a way that your life changes very quickly and very positively and clinical evidence shows these feelings last.


If this is something that appeals to you and you want to change your life for the better, then please contact me and experience for yourself something quite natural, safe and proven to making lasting change for the better, over 90% of those who have booked in with me have given me testimonials to support this claim.


I am so confident that you will want to experience this after I have shared with you some incredibly simple, but profound insights into how the brain works and how we can tap into natures wonderful pharmacy, that I give the first hypnotherapy session for half price ( £22.50) quote newsletter to receive this as a special offer…


I work at Birmingham Holistic Health Centre on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday – so please book in with me as soon as you feel ready to change your life for the better… I can’t wait for you to begin.


To find out more take a look at Stuart’s website…  or contact him directly on: 07734459908

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