Niki Gregory is also an accredited counsellor and psychotherapist with nearly 25 years experience in the therapeutic field. Her diverse background includes: working with clients who’ve suffered domestic and sexual violence, with couples and families, in youth work, criminal justice and substance misuse, child protection and mental health. In addition Niki works with those with chronic illnesses such as AIDS and ME. She has worked within multi-cultural communities both in the United Kingdom and Asia and with issues ranging from general anxiety, depression and anger management to more acute trauma symptoms.


For the last 12 years Niki has been running her own private practice (Insight) in South Birmingham (UK) and is an Associate of Reach, whom she came into contact with during its early years of development. Arguably Niki’s best qualifications stem from undertaking her own personal therapy with Reach some 20 years ago. Thus, she has a genuine insight and empathy into the struggles and courage involved in such a journey. She works in the same holistic way as Reach, appreciating the intricate connection between mind, body and spirit.


Niki is unquestionably a ‘safe pair of hands’ and we would highly recommend her to those looking for therapeutic solutions.


For those of you looking to resolve those issues that continue to undermine you or if you simply want to understand and develop the best in yourself, then why not contact Niki on: 0121-680-9163 or 07944-530189. 


For those of you interested in the healing power of music and its ability to transport us to places of peace and joy, why not check out Niki’s other love and passion at where you’ll find her album Mindscapes… well worth a listen.