Lin, like many of the therapists we recommend, has taken the challenging journey of self-examination, which requires the individual, through the lens of honesty, to take a good look at themselves and work out what the issues are that are blocking their path.  It is our experience that those who have done this make the best therapists.


We can say with confidence that Lin has taken that journey with sincerity and great courage.  As a result she is able to offer the understanding and empathy that the person needs to find the healing and recovery they are seeking.  So, if you’re looking for a compassionate, insightful and empathic companion to help you address your issues, then we are happy to commend Lin to you.


Let’s see what Lin has to say about her own journey and what she can offer…

Personal growth and development has been and still is such an important and profound part of my own journey and my own life. Eleven and a half years ago I experienced one of life’s many challenges which turned my world upside down. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was told by the consultant that I would need to have a mastectomy.  In a little over two weeks my breast had been removed, a week later I was discharged from hospital feeling overwhelmed by a range of emotions – shock, numbness, fear and grief to name a few.  I experienced grief not just for the loss of my breast and all that that entailed, but many other losses too.  It was a dark time for me, for my family, friends and colleagues too because they seemingly found it hard to know what to do or say. I felt as if I didn’t belong any more, as if I wasn’t ‘normal’.


Eventually, I found help and hope at a local cancer support centre that offered complimentary therapies and counselling.  I experienced a range of hands-on therapies such as Aromatherapy and Reiki etc. and gained great benefit from these. I was also offered counselling and found that being invited to talk to an independent person in confidence enabled me to explore my thoughts and feelings, which was extremely helpful.
Many individuals who experience and recover from a life changing event feel that they want to give something back and I felt like that too. I resigned from my teaching post to retrain in counselling & psychotherapy. I was fortunate to be offered a placement at the cancer support centre – this position required me to find a new counsellor and supervisor.   Reach was recommended to me and I have never looked back.


They say that there is a benefit in every situation!   My benefit was being recommended to Easton Hamilton.  With Easton I began a journey of personal transformation.  I dug deep and began to face my demons… I know what it’s like to be sitting on the other side, and I believe this helps me to be with and feel the pain of others.  Just like you, I have experienced emotional, mental and physical pain and times of hopelessness and despair, thus as a result of the work that I have done on myself and continue to do on myself I have acquired awareness, new skills and knowledge which have helped me on my journey.


Having been helped to resolve my own major issues and experiencing the sense of liberation that comes from that, I developed a strong desire to help those who were equally looking for resolution to their issues.  So, if you are looking for a fellow traveller who understands the journey of awareness and recovery, then please feel free to contact me.


What I can offer:

I offer clients a safe, sensitive and nurturing environment in which they feel valued and heard.  I work with adults, couples, children & young people and work with a range of issues which include: abuse, addiction, anxiety, transitional issues, bereavement, relationship issues, stress and trauma.

I believe that healing is best facilitated when compassion and kindness is at the centre of that process.



The counselling I provide is best described as integrative, which means that I work with the whole person and not just the presenting concerns. This approach leads to more sustainable solutions because it is much more likely that the underlying problem is identified and then resolved.

B .Ed. Hons 1989; CSCT, 1997; PG Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy 2010; PG Certificate in Holistic & Integrative Psychotherapy 2016.


Contact options:

Phone: 07875 213860