Kay Brown has been a good friend of Reach for many years and so we would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a colon hydrotherapist who not only knows her stuff and uses state of the art equipment, but is also warm, friendly and puts you completely at your ease.  Colonic irrigation is a procedure that many shy away from due to a lack of understanding and embarrassment but Kay ensures the client’s modesty at all times and offers the necessary knowledge and after care that guarantees that the treatment is both effective and beneficial.  It’s worth remembering that a clean and healthy colon is one of the keys to optimum health.



Let’s hear what Kay herself has to say….

I qualified as a Colon Hydrotherapist in January 2004 & have worked as a full time therapist since. I only practise colonic irrigation/hydrotherapy & specialise in treating IBS & Constipation. I also have a personal interest & experience in many forms of detoxification too such as Liver Cleansing, Alkalising & Juicing. I have personally always had a strong interest with all matters that affect the anatomy & physiology of the body.  I also taught fitness classes in Aerobics, Body Pump & Spin for over 10 years which has enabled me to promote health as well as fitness.  I set up Colon Care to help overturn the ignorance that exists in this area and introduce my clients to greater health and wellbeing.



What to expect:

When the residual faecal matter is reduced & eliminated, people are left feeling a greater sense of well-being. After a treatment expect to feel lighter, more comfortable & less bloated. There should be no reason why you cannot return to your daily business after the colonic.


Colonics help eliminate old accumulated waste which otherwise may be reabsorbed back into the body. The toxins may also overwhelm other purification organs such as the liver, kidneys, skin & the lungs. These may become lodged throughout the body’s tissues & cells and can trigger a variety of illnesses & symptoms, which Colon Hydrotherapy may improve.



The primary benefits of colonic treatments are as follows:

Clearing the colon of hardened faecal matter and harmful toxins; stimulation of the body’s immune system; improved absorption of minerals, nutrients and water into the body; prevention of toxic absorption; provision of a favourable environment for friendly bacteria and micro-flora, aiding digestion; the strengthening and toning of muscular contraction of the colon (peristalsis) particularly beneficial for sluggish bowels; re-education and reshaping of the colon to promote normal & regular bowel movements; bowel disease risks and symptoms are diminished.


For some individuals a course of treatments may be necessary to clear the whole colon. Poor diet, lack of fibre and water may cause faecal matter to become impacted. In these cases subsequent treatments may be required a week or two apart to achieve the desired results and benefits.



The following are all conditions where colonic irrigation has proven to be of benefit:

Allergies, acne, arthritis, asthma, bad breath, bloating, body odour, back ache, brittle hair and nails, bladder infections, candida, colitis, constipation, crohn’s disease, cancer, depression, diarrhoea, diverticulitis, fatigue, flatulence, food cravings, haemorrhoids indigestion, intestinal re-training (for those with debilitating conditions i.e. MS or paralysis), irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, kidney problems, liver problems, memory lapses, migraine, nausea, poor circulation rheumatism, psoriasis, skin problems, spastic colon, stomach ulcers, sinus problems.


Colonic Hydrotherapy can also be beneficial for weight management or for those on a detox/fasting programme.


If you’re interested in finding out more about what Kay and her team have to offer, please click here.