Karen is someone who has understood from the beginning that a practitioner is only ever as good as the work they have done on themselves.  And as a result she has spent many years not simply acquiring the academic credentials necessary to work therapeutically, but she has also undergone her own personal growth process and continues to do so.  We believe this is what makes her so effective at what she does.


Karen is a very calm, caring and compassionate practitioner, who always gives the best of herself in her work.  She has, for a long time, worked closely with Reach and has become a wonderful ambassador for our approach.  This is why we were pleased to ask her to join us as a partner in Reach, to help us further spread the holistic, integrative message we are synonymous with.


Here’s Karen’s own introduction:

My name is Karen Mullings and I have been working as a counsellor and psychotherapist for nearly 20 years. I have extensive experience of working with individuals, couples, adults, children and young people. I am also an experienced supervisor, trainer and group facilitator.   I deliver a variety of innovative and creative workshops to both the public and private sectors.


My workshops include: parenting skills, life coaching, self-esteem, managing conflict, stress management, couples commitment and co-parenting.   I passionately believe in an integrative approach, encompassing mind, body and spirit. This is at the core of the training I have undertaken with Reach and is the foundation on which my work is built.


As with all Reach partners/practitioners, I welcome self-referrals, referrals from GPs and other organisations.  We also have a long history of dealing with employers in all sectors, who refer staff and users of their services – all are welcome.


If you’re not sure if I/we can help, or you want further information, please feel free to ring me on:

07854 955501