Helen has been involved with Reach and its many activities for nearly 20 years.  She’s a very experienced, capable and resourceful individual with a wide range of talents and skills.  She is another example of ‘best practice’… those who have walked the path themselves.


We believe, when looking for a practitioner, it’s important not just to see if they have the necessary credentials in terms of knowledge, training and experience but it’s equally if not more important to establish whether they’ve been to those dark places in themselves and found their way to the light.  Helen is such a practitioner… one who doesn’t ask of others that which she hasn’t asked of herself.  And so we unreservedly endorse her and her  services.


Here’s what helen has to say…


My background
Over my career I have worked as a teacher, counsellor, facilitator and community worker in many different organisations, statutory and voluntary. I have worked all my life with people, enjoying being beside them as they go through their life’s challenges. I have worked with a huge variety of people, focusing on issues including, sexual abuse, drug and alcohol problems, relationships, depression, bereavement, family relationships as well as ongoing personal development. I now have the opportunity to use all the skills I have learnt and developed throughout my career to focus on providing therapeutic counselling and group facilitation in my own practice. I believe in people and their ability to reach their full potential and I feel I have the skills to help them do that.


The counselling I provide is integrative, drawing on different models, holistic in nature and focuses on using methods that enable the person to develop the ability to live their life in the best way possible. My approach is tailored to the persons’ needs.


Group facilitation
I am a trained ‘Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities’ facilitator. This is a 13 week programme especially designed to help families and communities develop positive, violence-free life styles. I can also provide other personal development and parenting courses designed especially for the needs of a group.

• I have a Diploma in Counselling and I am an accredited member of BACP
• I have practiced as a counsellor for over 15 years, with a wide range of people facing many different challenges.
• I work on my own personal and professional development, continually gaining new skills, knowledge and awareness
• I have undergone my own counselling following ‘The Reach Approach’
• I am a qualified teacher and have a B.Ed in Community and Youth Work


My Contact  Details:
I am based in the south of Birmingham and am able to undertake projects across the Midlands region. If you are interested in counselling or want me to facilitate a group I can be contacted on: 07866206616 or via e-mail on helenm.miller@blueyonder.co.uk