Part of our mission is training a new generation of synergistic practitioners and we would like to warmly welcome Dawn Croydon-Fowler as the latest Associate of Reach.


Dawn has recently graduated from our successful HIP course (Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma in Holistic and Integrative Psychotherapy) and has now become part of our therapeutic network.


Dawn is a warm, sensitive and empathic therapist who is passionate about working with the mind, body and spirit – acknowledging the importance of the environment in this whole-person approach. She is one of a growing number of therapists who recognise that to help individuals overcome their life challenges, working simply with their presenting symptoms is not enough.  Her commitment and enthusiasm for the approach makes her a worthy member of our team.


Dawn has extensive experience in alcohol/drug addiction and the associated issues.  She also has knowledge and experience in the areas of: child development, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, relationship problems, complex post-traumatic stress disorder, social development and CBT.


Here’s what Dawn has to say….

My name is Dawn Croydon-Fowler. I began my journey in the Counselling and Psychotherapy field in 2003. The road since then, from pain to freedom, has not been totally straight.  It has had its ups and downs.  However, personal therapy and the work with Reach over the years has opened up a brand new world for me.


With all the life experiences, knowledge and qualifications I have accrued, I have developed great faith in the ability of humans to change – something I had hitherto doubted.  I’ve learned that with the right support, encouragement, knowledge and resources, you can build the life you desire.  This realisation has not only changed my life, it has helped me to be a catalyst for others to change.


I am passionate about personal development and feel really excited and fortunate that I’m working as an Associate of Reach now.  I have a Counselling/Therapy practice based in Sutton Coldfield where I provide individual and couples therapy.  I also deliver workshops on a variety of topics.


Don’t forget to visit my website on: www.freshspringscounselling.co.uk for further information.

You can also find me on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Also feel free to contact me on: 07748297480 or email me at: info@freshspringscounselling.co.uk