Udo Erasmus is an internationally recognized authority on the subject of fats and oils. His academic credentials include post graduate studies in genetics and biochemistry and a Ph.D. in Nutrition. He has pioneered technology for pressing and packaging healing oils and continues to provide consultation to industry, health professionals and individuals from his base in Vancouver, Canada.


He has taken up the challenge of using essential fatty acids (EFAs), to reverse a number of so-called incurable degenerative diseases (having cured himself of pesticide poisoning) such as cancer, heart disease, type II diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue, fungal infections, addictions and a range of mental health problems. His pioneering work in the field of essential fatty acids and nutrition adds another piece to the jigsaw puzzle of the story of health….Probably his greatest contribution to this debate is his book Fats That Heal and Fats That Kill.





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