Cracking at corners of mouth Iron, folic acid, vitamins B2 & B6
Recurrent mouth ulcers Iron, folic acid, vitamin B12
Dry, cracked lips Vitamin B2
Cracked tongue Vitamin B3
Red/sore taste buds at tip under tongue Vitamin B2 or B6
Bruising/enlargement of veins under tongue Vitamin C
Red, greasy skin on face, especially on the side of the nose Vitamins B2, B6, zinc, EFAs
Rough, red or pimply skin on thighs and arms Vitamin B complex, vitamin E, EFAs
Scrotal and vulval dermatitis Vitamin B2, zinc
Eczema, dry, rough, cracked skin Zinc, EFAs
Poor hair growth Iron or zinc
Bloodshot or gritty eyes Vitamins A, B2
Night Blindness Vitamin A or zinc
Dry eyes Vitamin A, EFAs
Brittle or split nails Iron, zinc or EFAs
White spots on nails Zinc
Pale, anaemic Iron, vitamin B12, folic acid
Restless legs at night Iron, folic acid
PMS Zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6
 Gingivitis/gum disease Co-enzyme Q10/selenium and other anti-oxidants



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