Dr. Joseph obtained his Ph.D. from the Chicago Medical School and completed his training at Yale University Medical School (in the department of Neurology and Neuropsychology). Dr. Joseph has pioneered research on the role of environmental influences on the brain and human behaviour, looking at the role of hormonal influences on memory, intelligence, perception, sex differences and learning. He has a staggering list of scientific publications covering a vast array of topics such as evolution, astrobiology, self destructive behaviour and learning deficits.


He was among the first to demonstrate neural plasticity in the primate brain as well as highlighting the splitting or duality of the brain as talked about in neurotheology i.e. left and right hemispheres dealing independently with logic and emotions.


It was he who discovered that the amygdala, hippocampus and the right hemisphere are particularly affected by trauma and early childhood experiences. His contribution to the debate of life and its origins are difficult to dismiss and although there are many that would find his views controversial, however, we think is it dangerous to dismiss his contribution because so much of what he says stands up to reason?


Judge for yourself…



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