As I turn within I become aware of my inner world…. There’s so much noise in here….. It’s difficult to know what to listen to…. The stiller I am, the more I can hear and feel where best to let my mind roam…. There’s no right or wrong way to listen, I simply need to listen….. And as I do, what needs my attention becomes increasingly clear…. My intuition grows…. My insight becomes clearer…. I come to trust my inner knowing as it has my best interests at heart…. Silence is such a beautiful pastime…. Why don’t I spend more time with myself in this way? ….. What am I afraid of? …. As I listen, the answers to my questions float their way to the top….There is nothing to fear here….. Solitude only wishes me well….. The more time I spend in this space, the better I come to know myself….. I have unfathomable beauty and wisdom and the more time I spend looking within, the more I step into the truth of who I am….. My masks fall away…. My ego has no need to fight to be seen…. What benefit is there in conflict anyway?…. I choose peace and peace chooses me…. Turning within is such an easy thing to do….. I must make more time for it each day…. It offers me rich rewards….. There’s a lovely, warm glow growing inside of me….. It melts away my fears….. I realise I can choose to partake in my destiny and so I do…. I take responsibility for my life and I am set free…. I blame no one and forgive those who have trespassed against me…. And I ask to be forgiven for my mistakes…. The more I think kind and uplifting thoughts the more my life unfolds in accordance with my desires…. I love being quiet in this way and generating a quiet trickle of pure positive thoughts every day…..This is the way I now choose to be and as a result I now better see myself and the world…. I’m mindful…. I feel empowered….