1. If you keep finding yourself undergoing the same experience in life there is some lesson you have still not learnt. Stop, look and listen and you will eventually see what it is.


2. “Honour your own truth”. If you betray what you know or what you feel is right, then you will struggle to fulfil your potential and purpose.


3. Do not give away your power. To give away your power is to give away control over your destiny.


4. Good habits become virtues, bad habits become vices.


5. Saying “I don’t know” prevents you from knowing. Truth lives inside all of us, so do not deny yourself the opportunity of knowing, the answers will surface if you invite them.


6. Potential, talent and ability all become curses if they are not usefully employed in your life. So find ways to positively exploit them.


7. There is more to one self than one’s name, race, gender, role, vocation etc. Unless you start looking beyond the limitations of your personal and social classifications your perception of yourself and life will remain distorted and limited.


8. The secret of success is the 3 P’s, prepare, prepare, prepare; only then will you be ready for the unexpected.


9. Slow down. Develop the art of thinking before speaking and you will make better choices about what you say, when you say it and where you say it.


10. To deny your mistakes is to lose your greatest resource for deeper understanding, greater clarity and insight.


11. When you dare to believe in the impossible, you breathe life into your hopes and dreams and then they become possible.


12. When you act either more than human or less than human you are under the spell of fear.


13. Personal empowerment begins from the moment you change “I can’t” into “I can”. So begin by banishing “I can’t” from your vocabulary and replace it with I can.


14. Every thought, word and action is an affirmation of one kind or another, so ensure to the best of your ability that your thoughts, words and actions positively affirm you.


15. Every time you fall over look for the jewel on the ground, there is always one waiting to be found.


16. Beware of your self sabotaging habits, you are often the only obstacle standing in your way.




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