Key Principles For Growth 3



1. The mind aches for positive input. Give it what it needs in abundance and you will change the course of your life beyond your imagination.


2. You are the captain of your ship but unless you stand at the helm giving clear, precise instructions to the crew (your thoughts), your life will eventually be wrecked by the sea of circumstances and events. So practice standing at the helm.


3. Free-will and choice are gifts we must positively exploit if we are to find our potential and purpose, life’s richest treasures.


4. The only power that someone has over you is the power you give to them, so hold on to your power by refusing to pick up anyone else’s rubbish (their negative perceptions or opinions of you). Only imbibe what truly facilitates your growth.


5. When you place repeatedly and with sincerity on the screen of your mind your highest aspirations everything in your life is mobilised towards fulfilling your dream.


6. By forgiving yourself and others you set your head and your heart free. Forgiveness is the primary antidote for what ails you.


7. Your life is a self-fulfilling prophecy so think carefully about what thoughts you give permission to roam around your mind. Life’s outcomes are bound up with your thoughts and perceptions.


8. Give generously and freely to others and generosity and freedom will come knocking at your door.


9. You cannot always control what life presents you with but you can control how you respond. This is the point where free-will meets fate and you can become either the slave or master of your destiny.


10. We marvel at the wonders of outer space but generally neglect the miracles of our inner world. It is by practising turning within that you’ll discover the greatest wonders.


11. True giving is to give without desire and without counting. In turn you are rewarded with peace of mind, boundless joy and gifts beyond your expectations.


12. Until you embrace what you need to resolve, you will struggle to let it go. It is in embracing your issues, challenges and concerns that the solution is found.


13. The secret to mental, spiritual and physical health is to free yourself of waste. Let go of what is no longer valuable or useful and inner peace and well-being will become your companions.


14. If you make time regularly for relaxation and reflection then the best bits of you will come floating to the top. It is in stillness and silence that clarity, self belief and your true purpose are most easily discovered and cultivated.




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