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"People were created to be loved.  Things were created to be used.  The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used."

The Dalai Lama (1935 - present)

My New Year's Resolution

My intention next year is to love who I am,
To mother my inner child, as best I can.
To reflect to myself my own value and worth,
And to make life a joy – to live on this earth.

I’ve decided to stop beating myself with a stick,
Stop calling myself stupid, or idiot or thick.
To quieten within me that critical voice,
And learn to love me and truly rejoice.

For 52 years I have wanted in vain,
For somebody else to love away my pain.
But they couldn’t reach the child in my soul,
That’s where the wound is that needs to be whole.

I’ll do the work, I will mother myself,
No longer I’ll feel left alone on the shelf.
I will listen, encourage and help her to know,
That I truly love her – then healing will flow.

No need for the armour, no need to defend,
This wounded child will become my best friend.
I’ll be there understanding her worries and fears,
With tender compassion I’ll dry up her tears.

There’s an energy flowing, even as I write,
This New Year’s intention feels perfectly right.
God give me the grace to love me I ask,
Then everyone else is exempt from the task.

Roberta Roddy



"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today".

H. Jackson Brown, Jr. (1940 – present)

Two years ago I did not know what anxiety was, it was merely a word that people used in everyday life. I now know that true anxiety is a state of sheer panic that causes you to act completely out of character, makes you lose control of your body and occupies your every thought.

For a while I had lost myself and become withdrawn from the people closest to me. People around me tried to help, but they did not understand, and neither did I. Then the Reach Approach became the light at the end of my tunnel.

Lisa was warm, welcoming and gentle in her approach and supported me through this difficult time. Her wise words put me at ease and I gradually felt better after every session I spent with her. She understood exactly what I was going through and helped me to understand exactly why I was feeling the way I was. She helped me get back to feeling myself again, and for that I cannot thank her enough.

What they do at Reach is amazing, they completely invest in your well-being and I feel so blessed to know that I can seek their help and guidance in difficult times. I would happily recommend Reach to anyone - their guidance, knowledge, care and support will help.

It has been a life changing experience for me and now, two years on, I am a stronger version of myself equipped with the tools Lisa has taught me to keep my mind and body healthy.

Lisa, you are a beautiful soul.

Thank you,

Alison xx


“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

Thich Nhat Hanh (1926 - present)

Mindfulness Therapy through the Reach Approach – probably one of the best things that I have ever done for myself!

I suffered from severe burnout and genuinely felt that I had become completely disabled and would never be the same person I once was. From being a strong, independent and hard working woman living in London, I was now back at home in Birmingham with my family. I felt crippled. I felt as if my whole life had spun out of control and that I would never be able to do anything for myself ever again. The thought of even stepping outside of the house on my own was all too much to health had taken me hostage.

I recognized immediately that I had a problem and that I needed to address it as a matter of urgency. My consultants at the hospital as well as my GP had prescribed me all sorts of medication to deter away the symptoms of 'anxiety'. However, I refused to take anything. Why? I thought to myself. The medication would only just cover up the symptoms and not actually deal with the core of the issue itself.

That is when I decided to go head first into therapy. With no medication, a feeble soul but an internal determination to get through this phase in my life, I went and had my first session with Nicole (Reach Approach). After my session, I immediately recognized that I was about to embark up on a journey of re-discovering my unconditional self-worth.

Throughout my experience with Nicole, I made many leaps and encountered situations where I would need to 'bite the bullet' and discuss certain situations. Although I felt considerably uncomfortable at the time, I knew that opening up was going to benefit me significantly in the long run. Many of the times after a session, I would go back home feeling one pound lighter and even happier than the week before – a sign that I was most certainly moving forward and in the right direction!

I would highly recommend Reach to absolutely everyone out there. It is probably one of the most enlightening yet calming forms of therapy, centred around YOU.

I cannot begin to express how grateful I am towards Nicole for showing me the light and guiding me back on track. Prior to therapy, I believed it would take me at least 2-3 years to be 'normal' again. However 11 months later, I had my final session and was ready to take on the world again.



"Sometimes victory is actually embracing defeat, and yet not being defeated". 


Since having fortnightly discussions with Lisa, I have become an incredibly different person. I can now finally act in the ways that I wanted due to Lisa teaching me the correct way to express myself. I am achieving things that I never believed I could and this is solely down to Lisa helping me believe in my potential.

Obstacles that I could not have faced before, now seem like minor problems and after seeing previous therapists and having no joy, I was really feeling like there was no way out.

Lisa helped me see through this by providing me with:

- advice on everyday life issues
- teaching me how to process what people may say to prevent bad things affecting me
- allowing me to realise my potential
- a breakdown of my experiences from childhood to allow me to understand the way I act
- videos from The Reach Approach which allow me to cleanse my mind
- printed documents with affirmations to raise my self esteem
- further printed documents with information on how to cleanse the mind

The great thing about Lisa that works for me, over previous therapists I've seen, is how kind and thoughtful she is. Lisa listens to everything I want to discuss and I've never felt like a burden, or irrelevant. Her open mind and understanding personality has helped me to regain my faith in people and helps me strive to be more like her. Having her as a role model allows me to keep on track, and almost think 'what would Lisa do' when faced with simple everyday things.

I would never choose to go to any other therapist but Lisa as she is trustworthy, approachable and has never let me down.

Her timing is perfect each time and she welcomes me in a way that instantly makes me feel better.


“Respect yourself and others will respect you.”

Confucius (551BC-479BC)

Focusing on your Heart's Desire

I pray that I will be living a life where I am peaceful and happy, sharing it with someone I love passionately and who loves me passionately, in a beautiful environment, where I am close to nature and can commune with nature and other like-minded individuals on a regular basis.

I have a home that accommodates family, plus ones and friends and share with them many happy experiences, rich with social contact, fulfilling and intellectually stimulating - and where I am also financially secure.

I am working with confidence in a leadership role where I am developing and supporting others in some way in the form of coaching/mentoring that inspires others to change and be the best they can be using my own life experience and developed skills.

I am able to look myself in the mirror and be contented in my soul and happy with who I am.



"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."

John F. Kennedy (1917 -1963)


This morning surprise of a red kiss of joy surrounding me

A very nice voice telling me to go the way of my great longing
where I really want to be
how I really want to be
the voice was telling me not to be confused
about all the others
not to let the others in
he told me to follow -what might be called- intuition
use your senses
I heard
how it feels
how it really looks
how it smells
how it tastes
again how it feels
and also how it is
as far as I could feel it:
'is it honest
does it make you happy
does it make your heart sing
does it lead to a nice inner dance
remember the beautiful inner dance
is it the one of joy
not the one of drama and somehow interesting impressions
does it move you
does it make you feel good
is it inspiring
this is about
The Path of Least Resistance as well'
and I give thanks
for the voice
waking me this morning
What can you hear in the whispers of the wind
he asked
they might be a little like the whispers of your heart.
What do the stars tell you one by one
they are a bit like your ignes fatui
at least some of them
but you will be able to discriminate the satellites
from the real stars.
And the moon you like to look at
you sometimes like to find in the skies
and in your self
what does she tell?
Listen the birds they sing
and have you heard the sisters the crows
krah krah listen.
All life is running through your veins
the veins which are free
as Lady Fear again joined you
instead of sitting in those.
Hear the breath not only of your lungs
but also the breath of your heart
the breath of any muscle, any nerve,
breath of the tissue
of the skin.
You like to feel it at the skin
like the air and the wind on the skin, don't you?
Now looking at the sky
and all the nice white clouds in all their forms
I thought 'oh don't you make this stop'
because it also reminds me
of friendships I have
people appreciating me
as I appreciate those.
It was like a sweet caress.
I give thanks for this
being connected.
In my heart and soul
I may also create and feel the wonderful images
and spread them
be happy
feel the joy


If somebody had told me maybe 18 months ago that in July 2016 I could wake up with such beautiful thoughts and feelings, I would not have believed it. So my big Thank You! goes to.... The Reach Approach!!!

By Patricia from Germany



"Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success".

Swami Sivananda (1887 - 1963)


Alexandra's Story

I’ve always thought a testimonial was something that one does when an experience has come to an end, which is maybe why it has taken me so long to put pen to paper. My ‘experience’ with Easton Hamilton is far from over, some days I need him more than ever. He walks with me through this journey each and every day. In fear of never being able to do him justice, I have read every contribution on the Reach page and it is so clear that he has done for so many others, what he has kindly done for me. We are the lucky ones.

The life lessons and strength he has instilled in me are two things I am sure I will always feel in debt to him for. So, this letter of thanks and words that I hope will help other people, are just a snap shot of the experience I have had with Easton. This is not the end of the story and I anticipate it won’t be for some time - maybe never. Simply because, when you first start seeking help and guidance from Easton you will soon realise a lifetime isn’t long enough to learn all he has to offer.

The most vivid memory of the time I needed him the most was the night before a major sporting event. At the time, I was solely responsible for delivering the VIP programme to visitors and dignitaries who were in attendance from all over the world. Whilst sitting in the corridor of the Royal Box, staring out into an empty stadium that would hold 85,000 people in less than 24 hours, I reached out to the only man who might be able to reason with me and the mess I had found myself in.

Utterly exhausted, it took me almost ten minutes to say a single word. Easton just patiently waited on the end of the phone. The lack of sleep, minimal food in my stomach and the fear of not being able to deliver the following morning had tipped me somewhat over the edge and I was hysterical. There are a number of different ways I have been helped by Easton over the years I have known him. Sometimes he makes me laugh, other days he is there to teach or listen. On that day it was crisis help. As usual, when I hung up the phone 90 minutes later I knew that my ally, teacher, leader, friend and guardian angel would guide me through the difficult days that followed, even from 100 miles away.

Initially I remember dreading our conversations, it always meant facing things I wasn’t sure I was ready to face but Easton never left me in the dark alone, he was integral in helping me piece my life back together. He offered me a safe place to unload, to shed tears, to get angry and frustrated, to learn the lessons of meditation. Each time I ended a call I was richer than before. He forced me to understand that the rest of the world will not search for justice like I do. Most importantly, he reminded me that I need a small, fierce army over hundreds of friends. He has given me hope that I will live a life that I will be very proud of. One that is rich in honesty, integrity, kindness and happiness. This all began will learning to love myself, impossible I thought.

What I feel most grateful for is how this man has allowed me a glimpse of what it feels like to be completely and utterly content. That feeling often comes for just a fleeting moment and on other days it sticks around until I lay my head to sleep, another reason why I know our journey together is not yet complete. As I sit here in the quiet, on a summer Sunday afternoon I am flooded with a feeling of calm. This serenity is something I wish I could bottle and sell at Portobello Market on weekends - not to make my millions but to share in this euphoric feeling that I truly never imagined possible.

So Easton - thank you again for teaching me to love myself and for promising me I will be able to love again. Thank you for fixing my poorly tummy, for helping me sleep soundly and reassuring me there was a reason for all those terrible nightmares. Thank you for teaching me the importance of listening and for helping me to help other people. Thank you for showing me how important my health is. Thank you for always making me feel like I am never walking alone. Thank you for reinforcing the benefits of always being selfless. As I have said to you so many times before, thank you for truly saving my life. My mantra will stay with me forever Easton, just as I hope you do too.

My final message to those reading this who do not know where to turn, you have found the place you are looking for. You have found the only place you truly need, right here. Open your heart and listen carefully.

Below is one of the gems Easton shared with me which helped me through many wobbly moments - I hope it may be of benefit to you.


'Remember, happiness is a skill... and the more you practise it and invest in yourself, the happier you will be'.


 Alexandra Mason


"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible".

St. Francis of Assisi (1181 - 1226)


Synergy: A Cure for all Ills

I have just finished reading Easton Hamilton’s book “Synergy: A Cure for all Ills”. It is a wonderful book and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anybody who is looking to create positive change in their life. The book reminded me of all those things I learnt when I was seeing Jo Kilburn, a Reach therapist, for help with my severe depression and anxiety.
I would like to share with you just a few of the messages that really made an impression on me when going through my Reach journey.

Change through Compassion

Reach say that the quickest and most effective way to turn your life around is to do it with utmost compassion for yourself. I realised that I had an abundance of compassion for everybody else and absolutely none for myself. My self-talk was so harsh and aggressive and I was trying to get better by being hard and demanding on myself. It took me a while to realise that this is actually what was holding me back and keeping me depressed and anxious! Once I started being kinder to myself everything changed.

When the Cell is Well all is Well and Persuading the Body

I never realised how much our minds and bodies are connected. When I started with Reach I never thought about looking after my body. I was dehydrated, my diet was awful and I exercised because of how much I hated my body. Jo helped me to see that my mental health would always be compromised until I started to look after my body kindly and consistently. In other words my lack of care for my body was contributing to my depression and anxiety. When our physical needs are not being met, our bodies go into protection mode, and in their efforts to survive can bring our minds and spirits to their knees. Stress has the same effect of putting the body into protection mode where nothing can flourish.

Non-Negotiables and Routine is Power

This was really important to me as my life was in chaos. Jo helped me to see that I had to put my own wellbeing first and make it a priority. To do this, I introduced some things into my life that would make me feel better, (like drinking water, taking supplements, eating well, positive affirmations, meditation…) and I made them non-negotiables. This means that I did these things every single day without fail. It’s amazing how creating a routine makes things so much easier to do. Another Reach saying – Momentum is the engine of success!

There are so many other amazing lessons I learnt from Reach and I could easily write pages more but these ones are the ones that stand out most in my mind as they created such great shifts in my life.

Laura Sharp, Cardiff

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Reach began its unique way of working in 1990. Since that time we have touched literally thousands of people’s lives through our individual work, work with couples, families, groups and countless workshops. We have produced in that time 100s of written resources and over 30 audio and visual recordings and these have travelled across the world, largely driven by personal recommendation. They have also brought immeasurable change to many. On these pages is a snap-shot of what people have thought, felt and gained from their therapeutic contact with us via the various media we offer.

Also included on this page are some inspirational thoughts and writings from those clients, borne of their personal journeys with Reach.  We've also added insightful quotes from some of the great minds both past and present.

We hope you too will be inspired....