1. Mindfulness – to truly engage in gratitude one really has to be ‘present in the moment’. Without being mindful the opportunity for gratitude literally slips through the fingers of the mind. Therefore, to embark on this wonderful journey you must practise being present in each moment. The mind that is able to appreciate ‘the now’ can easily see what to give thanks for.



2. Blessings – it is so easy to complain and most of us do it automatically and systematically. We are busy drowning in our own waste thoughts. This attitude of complaint makes us negative, pessimistic and tired. There is far more benefit in finding and counting our blessings, great and especially small. Try it and see for yourself!



3. Appreciation – counting one’s blessings is only the beginning. Gratitude at its most intense is about a deep appreciation. Appreciation is where we really focus the mind and the heart on the things and people we take for granted; it then becomes a true celebration where we really value our relationships and life’s many gifts. The art of appreciation makes the heart and the mind sing.



4. Bliss – the fruit of gratitude is bliss. Bliss is a joy beyond words. It is that feeling that needs no external validation because it comes entirely from within. It is able to find insight and joy even at times of challenge. Your bliss is maintained by staying in the virtuous cycle of giving thanks.



5. Wellbeing – a blissful mind generates physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It’s a position of balance and harmony that shares its vibration freely. Wellbeing is that feeling of being totally connected with yourself, your purpose and life Keep giving thanks to maintain this cycle.





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