1. Did you know… your genes reflect only your potential, not your destiny.

The rapidly growing science of epigenetics makes it clear that environment is the primary factor in gene expression.  This is illustrated in so many ways.  For example, the stress a mother experiences when carrying a child profoundly affects the foetus via the placenta.  The hormones generated alter the distribution and flow of blood, which in turn impacts on the foetal tissue and organs.  So, the child’s physiology is significantly altered by the mother’s psychology.


  1. Did you know…

The conscious mind offers us the gift of free will and so we are not merely victims of circumstance.  However, when we are not paying attention, our subconscious programming takes over.  So, until we find ways of ‘paying attention’ (being present) in our own lives and changing the past programming that is no longer helpful, we simply remain slaves to our conditioning.  Willpower is rarely enough to set us free, other tools and skills are also needed.


  1. Did you know… your body cannot lie; it simply doesn’t know how to.

It’s so busy acting in the best interests of the organism, that anything which opposes this fundamental drive will be exposed.  Kinesiology is one of many disciplines that consistently demonstrate this principle.  This ‘mind-body’ approach recognises that muscles weaken when there is an intellectual conflict i.e., when the conscious mind is proposing something that the subconscious mind knows to be untrue.


  1. Did you know…

Environmental scientists have clearly and overwhelmingly illustrated that parents can improve the prenatal environment not only through diet but through their thoughts and relationships.  Parents are genetic engineers, and that powerful role also continues once the child is born.  Attention, Affection and Affirmation (the 3’A’s) are arguably the biggest factors influencing the genetic expression of the child’s potential.


  1. Did you know…

For the growing brain of a young child, the social world supplies the most important experiences influencing the expression of genes, which determines how neurons connect to one another and establish the neuronal pathways, which give rise to mental activity. This ‘social impact’ remains true throughout our lives.  However, as we gather knowledge and experience, we can influence this neuronal activity.  In fact, through choice and learning a variety of mind- bending activities, the leopard can learn to change its spots!


  1. Did you know…

Stress can kill.  The Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) axis protects us from external threats (real or imagined).  When we perceive something to be stressful or a threat the hypothalamus excretes a hormone (CRF), which travels to the pituitary gland.  This hormone activates special pituitary hormone-secreting cells, causing them to release another hormone (ACTH) into the blood.  The ACTH then makes its way to the adrenal glands, switching on the fight-flight adrenal hormones.  This HPA mechanism is a brilliant line of defence, but it was never designed to be continuously activated.  The way most of us live now means this mechanism is almost always switched on, making us candidates for the stress that causes major illnesses.  So, we all need to find time to switch off.


  1. Did you know…

Hundreds of scientific studies over the last 50 years have consistently revealed that ‘invisible forces’ on the electromagnetic spectrum profoundly impact on every facet of our biological processes.  These include energies such as radio frequencies, the visible light spectrum, microwaves, acoustic frequencies, to name a few.  The impact of these energies is far-reaching as they affect protein shape and function, cell division, hormone secretion, nerve growth function and much more.  What’s interesting is realising that these largely invisible forces with their immense power and influence are dwarfed by the power of another invisible force… our thoughts. Can you imagine what we are able to do with this energy if it is carefully channelled and focused?


  1. Did you know…

That the placebo effect clearly indicates that our beliefs (perceptions, experiences, and thoughts) are an unquestionable aspect of the healing process.  How we use our minds really matters.  Not only can we positively influence and even change our bodies and health, but we can also do the opposite.  The less publicised nocebo effect tells the story of the mind working against itself.  Our thoughts really do count.


  1. Did you know… your health is influenced by the sun and the moon?

The gravitational pull of the moon tugs and pulls the oceans and seas creating the tides every day.  So why would we think the little ‘puddle’ of water encased in our bodies remains unaffected?   Well, it does not.  Every day the sun pushes sodium and calcium into the cells, providing us with the energy for life.  And every evening the moon displaces the sodium and calcium from the cells by pushing magnesium and potassium into their place.  This dance of the electrolytes leads to us having energy in the day and then feeling relaxed each evening before falling to sleep.  The following morning the dance of push and pull begins again.


  1. Did you know…the ‘culture of complaining’ is arguably our greatest enemy.

The more we complain the more we poison the mind, rewire the brain, undermine our health, remain enslaved to the past, limit our ability to change, sour our relationship with the self and others, and kill off our vision and ability to channel and focus our life-force.  Gratitude on the other hand maximises who we are and makes it possible to exceed our highest expectations.




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