A prayer is a composition of words directed to the Divine, that could be God, a Deity or some other object of reverence or worship. In this context, however, the composition of words that  you are invited to create is directed to the part of you that is divine. The journey from pain to power is a journey based on the understanding that despite your current experience and challenges, no matter how difficult life might be or how insurmountable things may seem, there is a part of you that remains untainted and free from the damage and distortion that life has inflicted on you. That untainted part is your divinity, your essence and the whole point to the journey of personal empowerment is to enable you to reclaim it. Composing a personal prayer is one of the most effective ways to unleash what currently lies dormant within and is in need of expression.



A personal prayer speaks to the sub-conscious mind, the power-house. This is the part of the self that is busy driving your affairs based on the beliefs you hold about yourself. Generally what you believe about yourself is bound up in your history and your life experiences.  These beliefs are often flawed because they are a mixture of your own perceptions and the perceptions that others have of you. Within that mixed bag of consciousness, there is no clear sense of self,  or at best there exists a contradictory position where you think of yourself as one thing in one moment and in the next as something else. This ambiguity simply serves to dilute who you are, robbing you of clarity, stability and balance.



The subconscious mind is like the crew on a ship, ready and waiting to take instructions from the captain (the conscious mind). If the captain is lying drunk on the bridge, confused about which route to take, then the crew has to act without supervision and guidance, which inevitably leads to chaos. So, for example you may well have half the crew wanting to take the ship in one direction and the other half wanting to go the other way. The consequence is either the ship goes round in circles or is split in half! Either way the destination is never reached. So you need to give your sub-conscious mind (the crew) a clear map, with a clear set of instructions, which will allow it to navigate you towards your desired outcome.



Find some time when you can sit and reflect on your heart-felt desires and aspirations. Pull together the things you most wish for and compose a prayer that would take about 2-4 minutes to read aloud. Do not write the prayer as a hope, a wish or a desire but write it as if this is already your reality. It needs to be composed with a sense of certainty enshrined in every line. For the sub-conscious mind to co-operate with you in your endeavour it needs language that is clear and determined. The sub-conscious mind is one of the most powerful forces on earth and like a magnet, it will pull into your personal orbit that which you focus upon. It is the intensity of your focus that will most influence the outcome. A quiet stream of determination needs to flow through your mind, combined with the repetitive focus on what you want and need in your life in order to feel complete and content.



Once you’ve composed your personal prayer, it is something you need to read at least 3 times    a day, which given its length is, in reality, a small sacrifice of some 10-12 minutes per day. So listen to your heart and compose those words that best relate to the divine part of you and you will see that out of your pain comes the joy of personal power.




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