The power of personal prayer should not be underestimated. To feed the subconscious mind consistently and clearly with elevated instructions that match your heart’s deepest desires is probably the greatest gift you can give to yourself. The more you become the captain of your ship, giving clear precise, instructions to the crew, the more your authority will be respected, adhered to and understood. The subconscious mind aches for positive instruction but when there is a void or a vacuum, familiarity, habit, old past patterns will rush in to fill that void. Nature abhors a vacuum, and we need to realise we are working with the laws of nature. If we sow good seeds and nurture them they will bear good fruit.



So make your personal prayer part of your everyday life. Don’t see it as a chore to be executed but as a wonderful opportunity to create peace and joy in your life. Give yourself the gift of a personal prayer every single day and watch how quickly your life changes direction as the crew (your subconscious mind) acts in your very best interests manufacturing your desires and aspirations.



It is important to understand when composing your prayer that your motivation is pivotal in determining the outcome. In other words, the reason(s) for your invocation has the biggest influence in determining the end product. The more you want what is in your heart for the right reasons the more your ambition and vision will materialise in your life. What is meant by the right reason(s)? Simply, it’s to want something without causing harm to another. It’s to pursue a goal not driven by the force of selfishness.



To be selfish is to pursue whatever is in your heart without care or concern for others. A motivation (drive) that will quite happily walk over others in the name of its attainment. Selfishness will happily justify any action it takes in order to achieve its objectives. These are not the right reasons. Of course there will be a ‘sense of self’ driving what is in our hearts but that ‘sense of self’ (meeting one’s own needs) should not cost someone else anything at all. One cannot build happiness on other people’s misery. This could be likened to building a house on sand. Sooner or later it will collapse.  So if your motivations are not right it will be very difficult, even if you attain your heart’s desire, to sustain it. Pursue what’s in your heart with self respect, self esteem and self confidence, but also maintain a social conscience. Nothing is worth attaining if it overlooks one’s fellow human beings and causes them sadness, misery or pain.



Although there may only be one single prayer that embraces everything within your heart and could be described as your vision statement, or Mother Prayer, there is immense value in having a number of prayers. So one may choose to have a prayer that only focuses on the nature and quality of one’s relationships or the direction of one’s career or work, or a prayer that deals with how one’s personal life interfaces with one’s social life. In fact you can compose a prayer around any aspect of the self, your life or what’s happening in the world.



So rather than having only one prayer that embraces everything we would recommend in addition to your Mother Prayer that you develop a few more (4 or 5 is sufficient) that deal with other aspects of the self and your life, but remember let your prayers invoke a better life for us all. For what you give out will come back and find you, so through your personal prayer invoke the very best for yourself and the world.  Start today by thinking about what aspects of your life you want to change, how can you improve your key relationships and what contribution could you make to the atmosphere of the world to make it a better place? Compose your prayers from your heart and recite them daily, then both self transformation and well-being will come and sit comfortably in your life.


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