For hundreds of years Newtonian science has been used to explain the physical world, where man ‘was thought to be in control’, manipulating and changing the environment, yet somehow remaining unaffected by his actions. We are only beginning to see the arrogance and folly of this belief. With the recent development of quantum physics we are starting to appreciate that something more intangible is at work – metaphysics. Metaphysics is the science that explores the significance and impact of human intention and thought.



It is Einstein’s work in particular that has helped us to understand that energy is able to be manipulated by human intention and expectation. In other words, our flow of energy and the consciousness inherent within it, affects all other energy systems as it dissipates into the world. For instance, take the weather, we are happy when it is sunny, down when it is dull. It is so easy to understand that the physical world affects us. What might surprise and amaze us is that the opposite is also true. Our state of mind really does affect the patterns and behaviour of the physical world.



The spiritual science of metaphysics helps us to understand that for every law we have deciphered in the physical universe there exists a spiritual equivalent. The failure to acknowledge and understand these spiritual laws and apply them to our lives is one of the reasons we have lost self-mastery.  Until we understand that metaphysics is about the intimate relationship between thoughts, feelings and actions, we will continue to look outside the self for solutions to our problems and blame others rather than taking responsibility for our own empowerment.



A useful example that can help us to understand how the physical principles translate into metaphysical principles and apply to our lives is to look at the passage of the seasons. We can see that nature delivers its changes within a certain time-frame which we call a season. Each season takes approximately 3 months to deliver its effect, its change. Spring becomes summer, summer becomes autumn, autumn becomes winter and after 12 months, the cycle repeats.  What we can learn from this is that the process of change is not something that delivers its dividends overnight. The changes taking place as one season transmutates and becomes another, are largely unseen and subtle, but eventually the end product is very clear and tangible.



So, just like the seasons, a period of consistent endeavour guarantees a marked change about every 3 months, with subtle and gradual change happening all the time.  This is why patience, perseverance and practice are needed to achieve our goals. So, starting from today, make consistent endeavour and learn to sit patiently, allowing the fruits to come in their own time.



Metaphysics is a living and breathing system. It is not a concept simply for analytical and theoretical discussion. It needs to be understood and applied. How often have you cried out, “why me?” Doesn’t it seem sometimes that despite your best endeavours, the force of events carry you to an unwanted destination? Why is this? The answer is simple. We have not stopped to consider the connection between those physical laws and how they may apply to our thoughts, emotions and relationships. We have only applied them to our material existence. Those very laws and principles are pivotal to what we think, say and do. So unless we pay proper attention to the conversion of the physical into the metaphysical, we will continue to find ourselves slaves to a whole range of thought processes, feelings and addictive behaviours that deny us ever being ourselves. It is time to reclaim your life. It is time for change.




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