The subject of metaphysics is a vast one, however, its essence is simple.  If we take as our mantra, ‘take a closer look at the world around us’, then nature will provide most of the answers we seek. Then the so-called mysteries of life begin to unveil themselves. The biggest mystery of all is how we have lost the humility to listen and be quiet, and in the stillness become the observers of life. It is within this understated, reflective practice that the subject of metaphysics can really be understood and applied. Metaphysics is the spiritual science that helps us to decode human experience and human interaction. All life forms are energy and all energy is subject to very clear, concise mathematical principles.



We have managed to decipher many of these principles and processes over the last 500 years and as a result of our understanding and application of these laws we have been able to construct this incredible technological world we see before us. Unfortunately, because we have only applied these principles to the physical world we have become seduced and enslaved by materialism, and have failed to appreciate the subtler application of this science. These laws impact equally upon our energy, (called self) nature and animals and the reason for our enslavement is the failure to understand that life is not a one-way process of manipulation and control. It is time to review our arrogant, short-sighted stance which has only served to embroil us in a world of dysfunction, hostility and ignorance.



The way to start doing this is simple. Sit and observe the course of nature. Nature is an incredible mirror for us. It teaches us so much about ourselves if we would simply become students of our environments rather than its manipulators and polluters. As you watch the course of nature, ask yourself, are you moving with it or against it? When we work in opposition to our natural environment, we also work in opposition to ourselves. Our interference with the planet compromises the natural order and natural laws and has created an environment for ourselves which no longer truly supports and sustains human life.



Remember, metaphysics is largely a question of applying the laws of the physical world i.e. entropy, thermodynamics, gravity etc., to the way that we think, feel and interact in the world. Below are four physical laws that have been translated into everyday principles so that you can appreciate their significance to you. Honour these principles and watch what happens – it’s amazing how much we can influence our own path.



1. Never exceed your capacity. Respect your limits. This means eat well, sleep well, think well. Respect yourself. Then your energies will be replenished, enabling you to sustain your endeavours. Remember you can’t give what you haven’t got.


2. Treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. The law of cause and effect is simple, what you give out you will eventually receive. So only give that which you would want to receive.


3. Treat all energy with respect. Use all energy wisely and considerately. This means use your thoughts, words and your actions in ways that empower you and empower.


4. Don’t expect from others that which you are not prepared to do yourself. Otherwise you create a spiral of disappointment, frustration, distress and even depression for yourself.



There are many more of these principles and laws which life paints on the canvas of our minds many times a day. Practice being still and observe life’s many portraits, landscapes and tapestries and in return the meaning of every scene and the way forward will become clear with much less effort. Be a student of life.




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