The removal of waste is the secret to health. No matter how wonderful the ingredients we combine in order to generate health, if the conditions do not exist inside the body for the nutrients we have imbibed to perform their magic, then there can be no recovery or optimising of our health. It is one of the fundamental laws of nature that it is necessary to remove waste and toxicity from a system for that system to reach its potential. If you try growing good seeds in poor, denatured soil, despite the potency of the seeds, the crop you produce will be inferior, lacking vital nutrients. In the same way, if the body has pockets of toxicity and waste products causing blockages within the system, then true health cannot be achieved. Our minds work on the same principle as the body. If we do not remove waste from the mind, how can we be truly mentally healthy, how can we be all that we are capable of becoming and what does this have to do with forgiveness?



The things for which you have not forgiven yourself, and the things you hold in your heart against others occupy valuable space in your mind. The reason that removal of waste is the secret to health is because when those waste products are eliminated freedom and movement return. Freedom and movement equal health. When the mind is blocked with pain, anger, hurt, humiliation and revenge, our personal power cannot flow  freely along the pathways of the mind. As a consequence, we become stuck, steeped and stagnating in past events which in the main we can no longer do anything about. The events are over, recorded in the archives of the past and cannot be changed.   Why then continue to hold on to them when all they do is stop us from moving forward?



Many do not understand the importance of forgiveness in their own recovery but maybe if we understood the damage that waste inflicts on us physically and mentally then we would begin to see the futility of continuing to hold onto the pain, anger and sadness of the past. Not forgiving hurts you most of all. Until we can understand this we will not find mercy and compassion for ourselves and others. Let (s)he who hasn’t sinned cast the first stone. We are all guilty of something or other, the difference is only a matter of degree and all of us have some blood on our hands. So, who are we to judge another? Of course we can take up the often arrogant and self-righteous position of believing we are more qualified because our wrong doings are not as bad as someone else’s and of course there is truth in the fact that some actions are outrageously bad when compared to others. Nevertheless, the cumulative effect of our actions and their consequences are almost impossible to measure and as long as we remain busy blaming and accusing others, we cannot see how our own actions imprison us when we so desperately want to be free. This is why holding on to hurt, anger and pain is futile, it simply guarantees us more of the things we are trying to escape.



So remember the principles of health. Health is about freedom and movement and waste is its primary enemy. Waste blocks, poisons and prevents our minds and bodies from fulfilling their potential. A lack of forgiveness breeds a plethora of waste and therefore prevents the mind from being free and moving towards psychological and emotional health. Take up the challenge of forgiveness now and you will become free of the pain of your past.




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