Set out below are ten powerful ways that you can persuade the body to work with you rather than against you. Apply them for at least 3 months (6 months would be better) and you will be surprised by the wonders you can create.



  1. Nothing in the body works properly without water.  Every message, process and function in the body depends on it. How can you expect the body to perform miracles if the primary fuel for optimal function is missing? It is imperative to become consistent in this area, only then will the body respond to your requests. You are a vertical river, so ensure your river never runs dry.



  1. In order for the body to deliver its full potential, waste in all its guises must be This is why it is essential to embark on a detoxifying way of life. This is not about following protocols for detoxification as and when the body has reached a point of crisis. This is about understanding that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, exercise regularly because the lymphatic system (which is responsible for detoxification) struggles to do its job without a cardiovascular input. Also consider as a preventative measure such activities as : colonic irrigation, feet detoxes, more sensible eating regimes etc. All of which will help the body lower the toxic loads accumulated from waste products.



  1. Structure governs function. The internal organs cannot operate effectively and efficiently if the body’s structure is in any way misaligned. In the art of persuading the body it is really important to make sure that your structure is right. To this end one should seriously consider seeing an appropriately qualified and experienced Osteopath, Chiropractor or someone specializing in the Bowen These are all disciplines that can address any structural or alignment issues.



  1. Develop respect for your body. This of course starts with what you put in your mouth but remember it’s not just what you eat that determines health, it’s what you absorb from what you eat. So ensure that you chew your food thoroughly, otherwise the act of absorption will be stifled before it even begins. Also avoid drinking fluids whilst eating otherwise the priceless enzyme function that ensures proper breakdown of foods and drives all bodily function will be compromised and substantial percentages of what you eat will actually pass through the system without delivering its true nutritional value.



  1. The art of persuading the body would be incomplete without adequate amounts of sleep. Sleep is invaluable. About 85% of the body’s house-work (vital renewal functions, repairing and replacing of cells, ensuring the vitality and effectiveness of all the primary systems etc.) takes place whilst we are asleep. Although quantity of sleep is important, between 5-8 hours is what most people need, it is not the quantity that actually is critical in health, it’s the quality. Without the deep restorative sleep, which accounts for about 20-25% of the time you’re in bed, the critical household chores that the body undertakes simply are never completed, leaving the individual in a cycle of chronic So, do all you can to ensure that your sleeping patterns are healthy. Nature has a wonderful pharmacy from which you can draw help e.g. Avena Sativa, Passiflora, Valerian and Tryptophan to name a few. There is also a range of essential oils that will help greatly in this area.



  1. Find time to do something regularly that says to your body ‘I respect and value you’. For example, Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy etc., something you enjoy. By this we do not mean only going for treatment at a point of need but rather build into your self-care regime, maybe every 4 or 6 weeks, a time when you pamper yourself and this will deliver a strong message to your body that self-nurturing is really important. The body will internalize this message and will offer its support and respect in return. In time such pampering will not be pampering at all, it will be an essential part of your life helping you to maintain strength, poise and balance.



  1. ‘Me time’ is vital. This is not a selfish activity, nor is it to be mistaken for self-indulgence. It is essential. Just as the in-breath would have no value without the out-breath, a life without ‘me time’ is no life at all. If all that you do is externally focused, with no true internal attention on your own needs, what message do you think you are giving your body? To breathe in is to draw in life, to exhale is to sustain To have a life rich with social contact, meaningful relationships, a feeling of purpose and satisfaction is wonderful (to breathe in), but without the balance of silence, contemplation and quiet reflection (breathing out) the demands of such a life will sap you of all that you have. So pursue a career of balance and remember not to hold your breath.



  1. Create new memories. As discussed in the two previous handouts on this subject, your body collects the evidence of your actions and the biological and ultimately the emotional processes are driven/influenced by that. So start by thinking about how you are going to begin each day. Where can you find moments for reflection and appreciation? What are you going to give your body as fuel to meet the challenges of the day? Live a more mindful life where you consider what you are doing and are proactive rather than reacting to life’s events without proper forethought. There is no need for an elaborate strategy but there’s no doubt structure builds discipline, discipline generates momentum and momentum brings success. So devise a plan.



  1. You will have learnt from PNI (Psychoneuroimmunology) that how you think affects the nervous and immune systems and what are called your ‘natural killer cells’, which has helped illuminate the role and the power of thoughts in achieving well-being. Quantum physics now supports the principles long expounded by the spiritual masters that is, where the mind goes the molecule will follow. Within the ‘Persuading the Body’ series, we’ve started to understand that this relationship has in part broken down because our minds are distracted and confused, leaving our bodies unsure what instructions to follow. If we are to turn this relationship around we need to practice focused thinking. There are a number of activities that can help with this, see Positive Affirmations, Creative Visualisation, Personal Prayer, Mindfulness etc. When we consistently focus the mind in a positive direction, therefore ending the body’s confusion, the central nervous system, immune system, in fact all the body’s processes, stand in a co-operative line ready to engineer health and well-being. So with such practices we can say once again that the molecule will indeed follow the mind.



  1. Think kindly thoughts. As we’ve already stated, where the mind goes the molecule will follow. When the body is challenged, and it will be, given the nature of the world we live in i.e. the pollution of the planet, it is important that you respond with appropriate systems of help. For example homeopathy, acupuncture, herbalism or any other system of help that respects and supports the body’s wisdom. However, do not overlook your greatest medicine, which is the way that you think. If the mind is constantly dripping positive thoughts and feelings into the reservoir of the body, the body will be stimulated in line with those thoughts to seek out the best solution for whatever is challenging your health. It would be folly to think, given the pollution of the planet and the state of the environment, that any of us are totally immune to ill health. All we can do is adopt a preventative lifestyle, living as consciously as we can and thinking in a way that enriches our lives and the lives others. This will persuade the body to come with us.…. if we lead mindfully the body will follow.




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