The more one becomes familiar with the Reach approach, the more one will discover a repetitive theme that runs down the spine of our philosophy. We do not apologise for the repetition or for the way that our handouts/MP3’s/CDs/videos seem to overlap. There’s what could be described  as the irritating sound of a dripping tap that can be heard the more you become saturated with  this material, yet it’s the repetition of the dripping tap that wears away at one’s resistance. In   fact the more you listen to it the more it will send you into a trance-like state, a state of hope, optimism, self-belief, a state in which the journey from pain to power will not simply sound like a nice idea or a well dressed up theory, it will be a tangible reality.



All the material we produce lends itself to this one title. Everything on this journey is about moving from a place of pain to power, from dysfunction to divinity, from rage to realisation. Our approach introduces you to the dividend of choice because you are the major shareholder in    your life. You are the chairperson  of the board, you own at least 51% of the shares in your life. There are of course many things you don’t and can’t control, but here’s another one of those repetitive themes, you can always control how you respond to what’s pushing its way into your personal space, threatening your peace of mind. It’s by understanding that you are the major shareholder in your life and by exercising the rights and powers that you have that  you can stop being a slave to destiny. This is what is meant by being master of one’s destiny because although life will present you with some non-negotiables, things that you cannot   control, you will always have the ability to decide how you respond, even to the worst scenarios.



This is the point where free will meets destiny and at that point you can either become a slave or a master. You can either choose pain or power, dysfunction or divinity, rage   or realisation. The more this is understood the more easily you will be able to reclaim your power. Your power drains away from you because you are caught up in the cycle of waste and waste weakens. However, if you were to remember you are the major shareholder in your life  and you own at least 51% of the shares and you can through the various activities offered to you through the Reach Approach extend your percentage share, then whatever life presents      you with, you would always be equal to it, you would always have the appropriate response available to you. The more that you act in a way that’s true to yourself, the more genuinely powerful you become and the less of a victim you feel.



Our invitation to you is to stop being a victim, to realise that victim-hood only serves to disempower, deceive and damage you, preventing you from discovering what is divine about you, what you’re really capable of. To be truly wholesome and well, full of a sense of your own beauty and power, is a journey that begins with the realisation that your personal power cannot be taken from you. You lose it by giving it away! The only exception to this rule is when we were children, when particularly those adults who were significant in our lives were able to rob us of our personal power. This loss of personal power in our formative years is why we are now lacking in one way or another. However, once we become adults, our own person, with   whatever damage and dysfunction we carry, we can either remain disabled by the loss of  personal power as children and adolescents, or we can reclaim it by understanding that was    then and this is now. You are the major  shareholder  in your life. It is time to demand your power back. Take it back without apology, using all the means available to you, drawing on all your courage and determination.




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