Doubt is a very destructive force. Before you know it, it has dug the hole for your grave, lowered you into it, having secured the coffin lid, with the eulogy already prepared. Such is its devastating power. And once you are caught in the web of doubt you can easily remain its victim indefinitely. In fact, until you realise that doubt is like a parasite with no real power of its own, only that which it draws from the host (you), you will always remain its victim. So, on the journey of self recovery, self realisation and personal empowerment you need to treat doubt with the contempt and disdain it deserves because whilst you remain its humble obedient servant your power drains away making any prospect of fulfilling your highest aspirations and dreams nothing more than holograms.



Faith is the antidote to doubt. In fact it’s the catalyst for change. Faith is the power behind the     throne. The throne is self respect, self esteem, self confidence, self love. And faith makes all these and more possible. Without faith the very best resources, creative energies and talents we have are unable to fully express themselves. Faith galvanises our talents, our potential, opportunities and dreams, making what seems impossible, possible. This is why it is very difficult to be the best we can be without faith. Doubt saps our strength, faith restores it.



To have faith means to believe in the possibility of a better tomorrow. To have faith means to realise I am the major shareholder in my own fortune and unless I exercise that major share holding my life will unfold before me in an often undesirable fashion. To have faith means to focus with belief. To focus on that which my heart most seeks. Faith is not an arrogant or conceited emotion, making countless demands and having unrealistic expectations. Faith is the realisation that if I focus on my heartfelt desires and dreams with a sincere heart, with the purist motivations, then what I thought was out of my reach        falls within my grasp. Do not underestimate the power of faith. Faith is the basis of miracles, so utilise this power. What you thought may not be possible will emerge before you with such clarity and detail, you’ll be mesmerised by its beauty.



For those who doubt the power of faith, experiment in the following way and watch what happens over a period of three months. Find some time, preferably daily but at least 4 times a week (10-15 minutes will be sufficient but by all means spend more time if you wish), when you can be on your own, without distractions and select something that really reflects your heartfelt desires, some hope you have for the future. Maybe some desire for your career or your work or it could  be how you would like to see a particular relationship progress. Whatever you choose let it be from your heart and let it be with the highest possible motives. To focus on things with purely selfish motivation is  a waste of the force of faith. Once you’ve chosen what it is you wish to focus upon, see that scenario on the screen of the mind unfolding in the way that you would most like to see it. The more you focus on seeing your ideal outcome  the  more  that  ideal  outcome  will  come  and  find  you.



Whatever  the heart and mind focuses on with sincerity, the universe conspires to create. This is why it is  very important to focus on the highest ideals and the best outcomes for yourself and others because the power of your thoughts to conjure and create what’s in your heart and mind is breathtaking. Practice with all your heart and watch what happens.



You will find that the more you see on the screen of your mind your heartfelt desire over and over again, the better you will feel inside about yourself, and secondly your life will start to mirror your heart and mind especially where your motivations are as noble and as sincere as they can be. So take up this challenge for the next 3 months of focusing with faith and watch how faith creates wonders and the seemingly impossible becomes possible. May the force of faith be with you.




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