The mind is bursting with so much energy, and each particle of energy craves for some direction and purpose. If this incredible power called mind is not given the direction and purpose it craves for, it will in time find its own avenues of expression. Creative visualisation is the controlled, constructive and  efficient use of our mind’s energies, it is a very deliberate and focused practice, where the individual skilfully uses the mind to carve a path towards their goal. One who uses creative visualisation recognises that destiny is a consequence of essentially two things, ie: what we “don’t do” in our lives as well as what we “do”. Therefore we all have a choice, either we navigate our life to a better place by “doing”, ie: putting into practice what we know, or allow our life to be one that stumbles in the dark as a result of our inactivity. Creative visualisation is “doing”.



Far too often we wait to see what life brings us not realising that we have a say in what is happening in our lives, it is not a question of sitting back and just responding to the cards we are dealt. We can influence what cards we receive from the deck of life, but we need to manage our energies and resources in more imaginative and constructive ways. Creative visualisation is one of the tools that can assist us in this task.   Greater mastery of the mind is a process of patience and perseverance, self mastery comes      to those who make these virtues their companions. Well-being and wholeness will not be hurried, it demands some time, understanding and respect. Remembering this truth as we walk this path is crucial otherwise we so easily beat a hasty retreat when our initial endeavours do not bring us all that we had hoped for.



The term creative visualisation is a very accurate and appropriate description for this personal development activity. It offers a fairly clear insight into what it is we need to do. Which is to “create” what we desire, through the medium of “visualisation”. We now know from the extensive research that has been done in the field of memory and trans-personal psychology that we are affected and influenced more by those things we “see” than by anything we experience in any other way. The art of visualisation recognises the amazing power and impact that “seeing” has on the mind and this is why it encourages us to make greater use of our inner eye which when used regularly is able to see as well on the inside as our physical eyes can see on the outside. If we also understand that the mind is motivated to create whatever is contained within it, we are more likely to be responsible about what we carry around in our heads, because sooner or later the contents of our minds will be mirrored in some way in our lives.



When practising the art of creative visualisation sit comfortably, sit still and breathe deeply, as you breathe-in think, “I am in control”, as you breathe-out think ” I am fully relaxed”. Keep this thought pattern going for several minutes.  Then create in your mind’s eye a picture of something you would like to achieve, or make real in your life. As best as you can create a visual image that matches your thoughts. To begin with your visual image is likely to be unclear and cluttered by other thoughts and images but this is to be expected because your mind is not used to the discipline of being guided in a specific direction.



Remember patience and perseverance are your allies, Keep applying the principle of regular practice then interference of this kind will disappear. Start out with simple aims and objectives with images to match and in time they will mature with sustained effort into more intricate and detailed mental pictures that will reflect your aspirations. Eventually these images will become realities that not only live in your mind but materialise in your everyday life.   It is time to take your destiny into your hands and creatively    visualise your way to where you want to be, try it and watch your dreams become reality.




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