The following sequence is an easy formula to remember. Used regularly, it will help you to create a consciousness in which positive thoughts and feelings can steadily grow in your life. Try and learn this formula and recite it often and watch what happens to your inner dialogue :



Order creates peace 

Peace creates love 

Love creates abundance 

Abundance creates success 

Success creates confidence

Confidence creates courage



There is no doubt that when you create order in your life it generates peace of mind. The reason so few of us experience the friendship of peace is because our lives are so full and cluttered. We have traded in simplicity and clarity for a life that is too busy and shrouded with demands. Our pursuit of kudos and materialism has deceived us into believing that the more we have the happier we will be!



Such a mind is rarely at peace. A mind that is at peace with itself is at peace with others and is able to find love within its depths. A loving mind is rich and generous, overflowing, wanting to share what it has. This is abundance. One who is abundant gives lovingly and freely and finds that the world responds in kind, and so success is born. A life endowed with success is a life filled with contentment and confidence.



Success breeds belief in oneself, one’s talents, one’s ambitions and experiences. This is not a confidence that seeks or needs approval from outside. It is a confidence sustained by the inner reservoir of self belief. Such an individual becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and whatever he/she focuses on and puts energy into comes to fruition. Confident individuals have the courage of their convictions. They are not afraid to honour their hearts. They pursue their dreams with love, kindness and integrity. It seems no matter what cards life deals them, they have that extra something that enables them to shine and remain true to their values.



Look closely at your life; when events seem to be flowing against you, a loss of perspective often follows and chaos ensues. Your mind becomes disturbed and confused, maybe even distressed. There is certainly a lack of peace. The absence of peace initially makes you more impatient and judgmental, which turns into a disliking of the self and a finding of fault in others. Left unattended, this becomes self-loathing. One who does not love him/herself cannot taste the sweet fruits of success.



True success is contentment and those who live in that place of contentment grow in confidence and self belief and it’s that confidence and self belief that gives them the courage to be true to their hearts. Those who are true to their hearts, love and respect order. So the circle is complete because in the end order will always create peace.



Find some time each day to sit quietly and think about this mantra, ‘order creates peace’. Don’t simply recite the words, contemplate the meaning of each bit of the sequence. The more you delve into the significance of each phrase, the more its depths will become clear. There is so much wisdom housed in each part of this mantra and there is incredible power to be found in its synergy. Although each bit does stand alone, it’s the interdependency of this sequence that will serve up the strength for the change that you seek.




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