Mind-body medicine is a vast subject embracing a range of diverse topics, which on the face of it can seem unrelated, yet are intimately interwoven. The list of topics includes psychoneuroimmunology, natropathy, hydrotherapy, nutrition, positive thinking, anxiety management, meditation, spirituality and orthomolecular medicine etc.  The subject is vast and so we are not attempting to explain every aspect of it here. Our principle aim is to help the reader understand the need to look at all aspects of their lives in order to engineer a genuine state of prosperity, good health and a mindfulness that is stable, clear and wise.



Different disciplines are frequently spoken about in a manner that would lead one to believe they exclusively hold the key to recovery and well-being. But on further examination, what becomes clear is that the vision of well-being is more like a jigsaw and what is required to achieve this aim is to fit all the pieces carefully together. For that one needs to take a closer look at the mind, body and spirit connection. Ask yourself what is their relationship? How can you create a culture of co-operation between them?



In the area of the mind a diet of positive, uplifting and inspiring thoughts lead to self-love, self- respect and self-belief. The mind needs positive stimulation if it is really to be exercised and stretched, thereby experiencing higher levels of consciousness. In the area of the body the primary need is to strike a balance between water, oil and the other nutrients present in our foods. Until the 90 nutrients we need per day for well-being are regularly and consistently imbibed, the body will be under threat in one way or another and eventually compromised by its environment. In the area of spirit, it is vital to pursue an activity that has inherent within it compassion, co-operation, love and kindness.  The more we understand that in true giving there is receiving, the more we are made healthy by sincere acts of kindness and compassion. So,   when we seek to empower ourselves, we may start in one of the three areas, but inevitably we discover that true health, happiness and prosperity is a marriage between them all.



Make a pledge to yourself that, starting from today, you will seek to make advancements in the mind-body-spirit relationship. Mind-body medicine starts first and foremost with taking responsibility for the way we think. We need to understand that the way we think affects the physical organism and the way we think affects our spiritual endeavour and growth. Some answers can be found within the physical sciences and more subtle biological processes like hydrotherapy, nutrition, electromagnetism, psychoneuroimmunology and biochemistry.



However, we must not get caught up in the illusion that surrendering to some external, physical process will bring us back to wholeness. To the contrary, your main medicine is your thoughts. So, self-prescribe positive uplifting thoughts and abstain from negative, self-limiting thinking. Make that pledge now. Do what it takes, through lifestyle and informed choice to maintain your pledge. The foundation of well-being is simple. All that is required is to drink about 4 pints of water per day, eat a comprehensive and diverse diet, led by vegetables and fruit, take necessary supplements and pay special attention to essential fatty acids. Exercise at least 2 -3 times per week.  Pursue some mentally stimulating activity and ensure fun and laughter are your companions in life. Last but not least, remember, your life needs to revolve around something that inspires and uplifts you!




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