Self­-love is the doorway to peace, contentment and complete awareness…. Self‐love gives me access to all I’m capable of becoming and to the eternal truths…. In order to take this most precious of journeys I must break the cycle of self‐loathing….


And in order to do this I must begin to sincerely take a journey of self‐ care Until I start taking care of me I cannot find my way to self‐love…. It’s imperative that I start looking after myself in every way I can…. This starts by changing the way that I think, changing the way I act towards myself….


I start to find ways in which I can take better care of me The more I do this the better I feel…. Sweet feelings of self acceptance begin to emerge…. I stop finding fault and accept myself as I am because it is in this acceptance that I can really see my value…. Self‐acceptance introduces me to self‐ worth…


Self‐worth then enables me to start believing in myself and so self‐belief starts to emerge too…. Self‐belief gives me the confidence to do those things I have been afraid of doing and as I gather the evidence that I can, my self‐esteem grows I begin to see that it all begins with self‐care….


It is within self‐care that I find self‐acceptance Self‐ worth…. Self‐belief…. And self‐esteem…. Now a real platform for self‐love exists…. This is the place in me where I’m able to find a genuine oasis An oasis that is abundant, complete, housing everything that I need…. From here flows a stream of kind, uplifting and inspirational thoughts…. My creative intelligence is now bursting to express itself in a multitude of ways….


I’m reminded that I am only limited by my thoughts and it’s time to go beyond that limitation. Self-­love is the fuel that enables me to be more than I had ever imagined and I now allow myself to take that journey…. How wonderful that feels….