The kinder my thoughts the better I feel Kindness is like a nice warm blanket wrapped around one’s body on a cold winter’s night…. It is so soft and comforting and puts me completely at ease….Why would I want to think any other way?….

It’s so beautiful to be in its embrace The more I wrap myself in kind, tender and loving thoughts, the better I feel…. It’s so healing. It’s not only beneficial to be kind to myself, it’s equally valuable to be kind to others….

A kind mind is the greatest of all gifts as it nurtures the body, spirit, relationships and of course the mind. Every day I will make time to think kindly of myself and others The more I count my blessings, celebrate my talents, skills and abilities and rejoice in the wonder of life the better I feel…

Kindness stops me taking my life for granted. It fosters deep feelings of respect, appreciation and inner joy It teaches me that there is benefit in all things and kindness enables me to find the benefit….

The more I like myself and celebrate the best of me the more I come to value and love myself…. There is no better path to take than kindness The kind mind is not only the warm blanket keeping the cold of negativity away, it’s also the bright light that dispels the darkness from all the recesses of the mind….

For the rest of my life I’m going to choose kindness over cruelty and conflict for I have come to realise that kindness is in fact real strength. So I choose to think well of myself and to see the best in others…. I choose strength over weakness…. I choose kindness….And as a result kindness chooses me….

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