“What you continue to resist will persist.”

Carl Jung (1875-1961)



I genuinely don’t know any lonelier place in life than one of being in a place of anxiety and panic. Not anxiety of an everyday occurrence but one of sheer terror when you don’t know if the next moment is going to be your last, one that causes you to shake, scream, hide, run, cry all at the same time. One that overshadows every waking thought, one that runs through your broken sleep to the point where exhaustion upon exhaustion drains your broken body and fills your mind with such sadness, such despair that you lack hope in every area of your life.


The more inward you become, as a result of the terror, the more you analyse every symptom physical and emotional, to the point of withdrawal from those around you. This in turn becomes a way of life. Those that want to help can offer you no way back, how could they, they don’t know how you got there in the first place and neither do you.


What if there was a map, what if someone said to you, ‘I know the place you’re in all too well for I have been there, and something in their tone of voice makes you lift your head and take note, instinctively you recognize something in that someone’s voice that’s unspoken, that is reaching out to you.


So, instinctively you reach out one last time with every last bit of energy you can muster and little by little unconditional love and support ebb and flow in your direction and slowly lead you out of that place of loneliness, fear and exhaustion. This I believe is the essence of Reach, for I have been where you are and I am being gently led down this road out of the darkest place in my life.


If you are in that place I have spoken of, then I say to you, Reach with every last bit of energy you have. Reach because here there lies a map, where you will be taken by the hand and led to a more peaceful place and if you fall, as you may again, you will be gently picked up until you are led out of that place.


With all my heart I say to whoever reads this, I understand in my own way how you feel. Let this be the day you lift up your head, ‘there is a way out of this pain. Just begin to Reach’.


Stuart Morris



“The good news is that the moment you decide that what you know is more important than what you have been taught to believe, you will have shifted gears in your quest for abundance. Success comes from within not from without.”


Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)




Personal Prayer
I am the Divine Presence
Filled with wisdom, grace, love, joy, serenity, compassion and insight

I am beautiful and healthy
Thinking thoughts filled with kindness, peace and love

I am filled with abundant, creative energy that manifests
In beautiful loving acts

That in turn creates abundance on every level for myself
And every life force that I have the privilege to touch

I support the Divine and ultimately humanity
I am so honoured

Omisona Fasina



“Let us remember, so far as we can, that every unpleasant thought is a bad thing put in the body.”


Prentice Mulford (1834-1891)



At the age of 29 I felt a bit lost in myself, didn’t know who I was or where I belonged. I certainly didn’t believe in myself or have any self-confidence. All I knew was that my past was still very much part of my life and I didn’t have any control over my life or where I was heading.


The day I met with Jo, a counsellor from Reach, was the day my life started to change…..I started to change. She supported me through hard times and helped me see the potential in me. She never judged me and I felt for the first time in my life that I could really be me without the ‘pretence’. I could be happy, sad, annoyed or excited and that was okay. Over the past 18 months I have come a long way. I got through…’I passed’.


The biggest challenges of my life were not to get through college or pass my driving test. It was to believe in me, trust in me and accept who I am, even the warts.


Well Jo, hope you are well, as for myself, I am still going strong, thanks for all your support. I will never forget it.


Best wishes always





Dear Easton,

Thank you so much for sending the CDs. I’ve been listening to them since I returned from New York on Friday and they are superb. I listened to ‘Beyond Limitations’ 5 this afternoon. I already feel they are making a difference. I really like the relaxing hypnosis effect and the visualisations and steady, unhurried way you speak on each CD. I am going to incorporate them into my daily programme, along with my affirmations, meditations and work on my diet. They will be a valuable part of my therapy. Thank you so much.




“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness”

The Dalai Lama (1935 – present)



Personal Prayer

I am an expression of the Divine Self. The Divine Mind guides me. I am abundance. I am love, peace and harmony. Knowledge, wisdom and understanding reside with me – they are my teachers. Wisdom instructs me to ‘Know thy Self’.


My mission is to create abundance in human lives – that they may discover their Spirit selves – their power, their awesomeness, their ability to destroy mountains of fear, doubt and despair. I walk through valleys filled with laughter and orchards with exciting dreams. Those who know me are blessed and I, in turn, am blessed by knowing them.


Simon Hewitt



“Everyone visualises whether he knows it or not. Visualising is the great secret of success. We all possess more power and greater possibilities than we realise, and visualising is one of the greatest of these powers.”


Genevieve Behrend (1881-1960)