Advances in technology mean that we can now record the activity of a single brain cell. We can produce images reflecting the activity of different regions in the brain. We are also able to pin point the role of different individual chemicals in the brain and have identified their impact on human behaviour. Neuroscience is now catching up with the spiritual masters of the last 2000 plus years, who have all helped us in some way to understand that true power is found in silence. A life that makes time for stillness and quiet reflection is able to delve into the depths of the ocean of consciousness. It is in these hidden depths that all things are understood. This is why the pace and superficiality of the modern era denies us access to the power and wisdom of silence. Silence is the greatest gift of a spiritual existence for it offers insight, clarity and balance. To best understand the rapidly developing research in neurotheology a basic understanding of the primary elements of the brain is helpful.

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