Don’t make the mistake of simply reading these points. Find some time each day to contemplate one or two of them to ensure you fully extract their meaning.


1. Believe what people do, not just what they say. Only if their actions match their words is it wise to trust what you’re hearing.


2. Listen to the ‘spaces’ between the words; it is in those spaces that the truth will really be heard.


3. A grateful mind has no room for complaints, for it knows complaints only poison the spirit.


4. Whatever you think, you are right. So make sure your focus is where you want it to be. Your life is a self-fulfilling prophecy!


5. When you give without counting your own needs will always be met.


6. The greatest mistake of all is not learning from your mistakes! They are your best counsellors and advisors.


7. Those who have the most valuable things to say are those who have listened the most. Listening is the Mother of all insight and self-realisation.


8. Those who avoid the beauty of structure and discipline deny themselves the freedom and joy of a life beyond limits.


9. Patience is the Mother of Wisdom… She who learns to wait discovers that all things will eventually come to her door.


10. Forgiveness is the supreme healer. It dissolves and removes all obstacles. It cleans the mind, softens the heart and heals the body.


11. The only destination is right action. Do not focus on where you are going at the expense of what is right. To arrive at your destination in the wrong way is failure!


12. Knowledge takes you to the door of understanding. Courage and application take you through, and experience and wisdom await you on the other side.


13. Truth will set you free. Until you’re able to face the truth about the nature of your thoughts, words and actions you will be held hostage to life’s circumstances and events.


14. Life is so kind: it keeps putting us in the same situation again and again until we have truly learnt. We cannot graduate from a particular experience until the lesson is firmly embedded in our hearts.


15. Kindness costs us so little and yet its fruits are bountiful. For no reason at all perform at least one act of kindness a day and watch your heart soar.


16. True giving is a ‘mindful’ occupation. It understands that giving in the right way is more important than the act itself. Everything is determined by your intention. So ensure your intentions are as noble as they can be!




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